Russian Amazons (2002)
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Russian Amazons (2002)

Russian Amazons (2002)



  • Format: series, 2 12 season for the series

  • Genre: romance, domestic, adventure 

  • Country: Russia

  • Average duration: 44 minutes

  • Director: Isaac Friedberg

  • Cast: Marina Mogilev, Irina Rozanova, Alain Khmelnytsky, Leonid Yakubovich, Mikhail Zhigalov, Alex Kravchenko, Petr Ulyanov, Marina Golub, Daniel Spivakovsky Mikhail Solodko

Russian Amazons (2002)

In one of the flying clubs suburbs are three girls-ispytatelnitsy pilots, who are called "Russian Amazon". The main task of these girls included training new users, people who have received the right to control the aircraft. Students across different, good, good, noisy, because of which the main characters fall into awkward and funny situations.

Russian Amazons (2002) 2


Once, one of the Amazons even took part in the rescue of the bride. They also disarmed a terrorist who could harm a huge number of people. 
And the most important thing is that they enjoy their work and it brings them only pleasure.



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