Russian spy in the American sky?
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Russian spy in the American sky?

Russian spy in the American sky?


 Yes Yes exactly. Currently, Russian aircraft equipped with all kinds of surveillance and intelligence systems have the right to patrol in the skies over the USA!

 But let's get everything in order.

Currently, there is a treaty called The Threaty on Open Skies (TOS). Treaty on the open sky, an international treaty signed by 23 countries in Helsinki 24 March 1992. The main objective of the treaty, the strengthening of trust between the member countries of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. To control compliance with arms-related agreements, the concept of "open skies" is introduced. Within the framework of this concept, it is envisaged to fly over the territories of the countries participating in the treaty, reconnaissance aircraft of other countries. RF joined the contract 26 May 2001. To date, the treaty has been ratified by 33 countries around the world. The law entered into force 2 January 2002 year, and covers the countries of Europe, as well as the US and Canada. Canada and Hungary are depository countries to this Treaty and provide administrative support.

 An aircraft that must perform control and reconnaissance flights over any country must be certified and allowed by that country for their implementation, in the interests of the inspector country.

 In Russia, for inspection and reconnaissance flights, until recently, specially equipped An-30B and Tu-154М-ЛК1 were used.





  The overflight of our country, from the American side, is carried out by the reconfigured KC-135 refueler, the reconnaissance vehicle OC-135B.

 Oddly enough, but the idea of ​​an Open Sky, was proposed by the Americans. In 1955, then US President Dwight Eisenhower, at a meeting with the Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers N.I. Bulganin, proposed the idea of ​​inspection overflights of the territories of the USSR and the USA. The purpose of the flight was supposed then to prevent a sudden attack. But N.S. Khrushchev categorically rejected this proposal. D. Bush, in 1989, raised the issue again.

 In 2012, on the basis of JSC "Vega" a surveillance system was developed for the Open Sky program ASN-ON (aviation surveillance system open sky). For the system has been specially refitted Tu-214. This is the first Russian specialized aircraft for the "Open Sky".

 At the MAKS-2013 air show, a reconnaissance aircraft was presented to the public and specialists. The aircraft is equipped with ultra-modern equipment. Digital photo and video cameras, optoelectronic devices, side-looking radar, IF equipment, and a powerful on-board computer system, allows real-time processing of incoming information and bring it to the ground. The complex also includes ground control and data processing systems. Previously, with an analog camera, it took a long time to process and develop films. Now, with the introduction of digital equipment, all observation and processing takes place online.  




 The US military, members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, was extremely excited and worried about the very appearance of a super-modern "legal" reconnaissance aircraft from Russia. And in mid-April, the Arms Committee called upon B. Obama to refuse new Russian aircraft the right to inspect the territory of the United States. The White House literally attacked the requirements not to certify the Russian intelligence officer! And 18 April 2014. flight was banned Tu-214ON In the framework of the "Open Sky". Certification of the digital equipment of the aircraft is strongly inhibited by the American side. New and new requirements are being introduced, even without the DON framework. However, 21 April, the US is carrying out its planned flight over Russia. Also, access to the airspace to all other member countries of the Treaty has not been closed. All previously scheduled program flights are carried out according to the agreement. Two Tu-214ON airplanes, which entered service in the RF Ministry of Defense, cause serious concern among American military and intelligence circles. With its completely unique equipment, it surpasses all modern world analogues.

 On the base Tu-214Currently, in the interests of MO performed operation for creating other specialized modern aircraft.


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