At what age children buy plane tickets?
At what age children buy plane tickets?

How old do I need to buy a plane ticket to the child?


On airplanes fly not only adults, but also minors, and even children. If you are going to travel by plane with a child, you need to know some nuances and rules on the acquisition of children's ticket. Young passengers (up to 2 years) have the right trip with their parents without having to purchase a separate passenger seat. In this case, the discount will be 90%.

In the case where the number of children should acquire a separate children's airplane ticket for each child (up to 2 12 years). Most airlines the cost of this ticket is two times cheaper than the price for an adult, but in some discount up to 70%. For each child up to 2 years can take luggage weighing up to 10 kg.

But sometimes buy children's ticket may be insufficient. At some airports may require proof of kinship parents. In Russia, as proof suit birth certificate. But it is also possible to submit the documents for adoption or guardianship, if the parents are deprived of the rights of native, died or are currently not available.

In some situations, children can travel alone without an escort. But in such situations, not every company will sell you a ticket at a discount for children. It will likely have to pay the full cost of the ticket. In that case, if the child is flying alone on his ticket must be present mark, which indicates the need for child care during the flight. The main responsibility of the staff in this case is the full responsibility for the health and life of a child as long as it does not take away the adults at the airport.

Children under 18 years, must necessarily have notarized consent from their parents. If the parents are absent, this agreement is made on behalf of the trustee, guardian or adoptive parent. If with your child is going to fly one of the parents, the consent of the other parent shall be required.

Abroad child has the right to fly unaccompanied by an adult only under specific conditions:

  • Parents are required to accompany or be close to the child almost until boarding.

  • After arriving at the airport must meet a child's parents or relatives.

  • A child without a proper maintenance is prohibited to fly flights instead.

Some airlines specifically for such cases offered the service - providing escort. It is, as a rule, should be an additional charge. Those flights, which already include support services, can be booked and paid for in the same way as regular tickets. In addition, your child ticket applies.