Saab 29 Tunnan. Photo. Characteristics.
Saab 29 Tunnan. Photo. Characteristics.

Saab 29 Tunnan. Photo. Characteristics. 



A type: Single-engine jet fighter-bomber

Crew: One pilot

The first Western European fighter with swept wings, got into production, fat plane J 29 «Tunnan» (Tunnan - keg) was designed to replace Lars Brisingom aircraft 21A / R companies SAAB and P-51 «Mustang." Combining the whole swept wing and power licensed motor "Ghost» (Ghost) of "De Havilland" (produced by "Svenska Flyugmotor» (Svenska Flygmotor) under the symbol RM2), aircraft J 29 not create a constructor biggest challenges in its development in the pre-production stage.

The first aircraft delivered to the combat unit (F 13) in May 1951, the J 29A aircraft immediately struck drill pilots with its small turning radius and impressive angular roll speed. The company SAAB built about 224 aircraft modification A by the time the production switched to an improved version of the J 29V (capable of carrying the load on the external suspension and the fuel tanks being dropped), which in turn were delivered 360 copies. Further refinements of the TUNNAN aircraft led to its equipping with a wing with a "canine" type of cut and, ultimately, the installation of the RM2 engine with afterburner modification J 29F, into which 308 aircraft were converted. As a result, J 29B / E appeared.


The last new aircraft was delivered in March, the company SAAB 1956 years. The plane "Tunnan" briefly participated in the fighting the UN peacekeeping force in Congo, 1961-1963 years, but the sole importer of the jet was Austria, which 1961-1962 years 30 got released from the Swedish Air Force J 29F. "Tunnan" flew in Sweden until August 1976 years, the Austrian aircraft were withdrawn from service in 1972 year. Today, the only aircraft in the Swedish register J 29F contained in a state of airworthiness of the Swedish Air Force Museum.

Basic data

dimensions (for aircraft J 29F):

Length: 10,12 m

Wingspan: 11 m

Height: 3,75 m

Aircraft performance characteristics:

Maximum speed: 1060 km / h

Flight range: 2700 km - ferry

Power point: RM2B company "Svenska Flyugmotor"

Power: 27,4 kN thrust

The weight:

Empty: 4600 kg

Maximum takeoff: 8000 kg

Date of first flight:

September 1, 1948

Remaining airworthy modifications: J 29F