Saab 91 Safir. Photo. Characteristics.
Saab 91 Safir. Photo. Characteristics.

Saab 91 Safir. Photo. Characteristics.



A type: Single-engine piston trainer aircraft and connected

CapacityTwo pilots are arranged side by side, and two carriers for two

Safir, built as a training aircraft and a tourist aircraft for civilian and military use, was created in 1944-1945 as one of three SAAB projects aimed specifically at the civilian market - the other two were the SAAB 90 airliner "Scandia" (Scandia) and "flying car" SAAB 92. The production of the SAAB 91 aircraft began in the spring of 1946, but the sale was bad, so only 46 copies of modification A were built, equipped with the X Deuxville engine of the Gypsy Major. Most of them were sold to the Air Force of Ethiopia as part of a large military equipment package in 1947.

In 1949, the 91V version with a more powerful engine was introduced to production, its 0-435AX helicopter from the company "Laikoming" significantly improved the characteristics of the "Safir" aircraft. Two years later, after evaluating several different types of aircraft, the Swedish Air Force ordered it for use as a training aircraft, and an 74 aircraft was built for them. Most of them, however, because of the workload of the "Linkoping" factory of SAAB, was built under license by the company "De Schelde" (De Schelde) in the Netherlands.


The total production of these aircraft in Denmark 1951-1955 years 120 made airplanes for modification 91V found other civil and military customers. Manufacturing again returned to Sweden in 1956 year, and to the delivery of the last aircraft to Ethiopia in the company SAAB 1966 323 built aircraft "Safir" all modifications. Other countries use the aircraft "Safir" for military purposes, were Finland, Tunisia and Austria. In Europe today, in a state of airworthiness of the aircraft is more than 50 "Safir", two of them appeared in the civil register of the UK.

Basic data

dimensions (to modify the SAAB 91D):

Length: 8,03 m

Wingspan: 10,6 m

Height: 2,2 m

Aircraft performance characteristics:

Maximum speed: 265 km / h

Flight range: 1062 km

Power point: 0-360-AIA of Lycoming

Power: 180 l. from. (134 kW)

The weight:

Empty: 710 kg

Maximum takeoff: 1205 kg

Date of first flight:

November 20, 1945

Remaining airworthy modifications: SAAB 91B / D / D Mod / D2 and C