SAAB J.35 Draken. Photo. Characteristics.
SAAB J.35 Draken. Photo. Characteristics.

SAAB J.35 Draken. Photo. Characteristics.



A type: Single-engine jet fighter-bomber

Crew: One pilot

Continuing the tradition of the company SAAB go into the production of combat aircraft far ahead of the West European competitors, the aircraft "Draken» (Draken) with a radically new scheme has been designed in 1949-1951 years as a supersonic all-weather fighter, able to operate from short runways. The designer Erik Bratt chosen scheme deltoid wing aircraft with a double sweep, because it promised the most dense arrangement of fuel compartments and equipment.

Although J35 was quite long for a combat aircraft of this type, the fighter turned out to have a rather small cross-sectional area, which made its visual detection very difficult. The first contract for its production was signed in August 1956 year, and with 1959 for 1962 year 90 j 35A aircraft was built. The modification of J 35V had an improved RNS and carried more weapons, an 73 copy was built. The next modification, purchased by the Air Force, was a heavier machine D with a new engine, 120 of its copies transferred to five fighter wings in 1962-1963. The unarmed reconnaissance modification S 35E was also developed around the same time, 32 new specimens were built and a number of D modification aircraft were converted into it, all of them were used in front-line aviation. The last built modification was J 35F, equipped with Falcon rockets.


These aircraft on 1965 1972 year were built at least 230 'copies. Denmark, Finland and Austria have also bought new or upgraded aircraft "fight" for its air force. Only Sweden, Finland and Austria still operate aircraft "fight". The last of these countries should begin in 1999, the replacement of the aircraft wing with a double sweep in the fighter "flu."

Basic data


Length: 9,4 m

Wingspan: 9,4 m

Height: 3,9 m

The weight:

Empty: 11 400 kg

Maximum takeoff: 16 000 kg

Aircraft performance characteristics:

Maximum speed: 1487 km / h

Flight range: 3250 km - ferry range

Power point: RM6B (35A on J / V and SK 35S) or RM6C (at J 35D / E / F) of "Lake Volvi Flyugmotor"

Power: 66,78 and 78,51 kN thrust kN thrust with afterburner, respectively

Date of first flight:

October 25, 1955

The surviving airworthy modifications: J 35A, F 35 and RF 35