SAFA - Foreign Aircraft Security Assessment Program


At the regional level within the JAA (Joint Aviation Authorities) with 1996 of foreign aircraft carried out a safety assessment program (Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft - SAFA), which provides the current state of the Armed Forces control at airports.

The SAFA program determines that each EUAC member state can inspect foreign aircrafts (EUAC member states and other states) during their stay at the airport in common procedures for all ECAC member countries with reporting of a single format. The checks included in the SAFA program are presented in the form of a checklist containing the 54 item, which covers the verification of: crew members licenses; Manuals and techniques that should be in the cockpit; Compliance with these methods of flight crew and airborne crew members; Equipment and safety equipment in the cockpit and the cabin; Transported goods; State of the aircraft (external inspection). If the parking time of the aircraft does not allow to carry out the verification program in full, then in order to avoid the threat of delay in the departure of the aircraft, it is carried out in abbreviated form.

It is essential that in case of detection during the inspection of significant violations is notified operator and the national CAA. And if the violation may affect the safety of the flight being undertaken, the inspector has the right to demand immediate corrective action before the sun go in flight. In the case where the elimination of disparities requires a lot of time or will be carried out at another airport, the inspector may decide to permit flights to relocation (including without passengers or cargo).

Each state - a member of the ECAC shall appoint a national coordinator for the SAFA program, and will allocate the focus (by the operator or aircraft types) direction of this program. Reports on inspections and corrective actions on them are analyzed on a regular basis and communicated to the States - members of the ECAC.

In terms of content SAFA Programme can be regarded as a special addition USAP program in relation to the European conditions. It is believed that the SAFA program can not replace appropriate supervision of national CAA and guarantee the safety of a particular aircraft.


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