Reconnaissance UAV CRECERELLE, which was manufactured by the French company Sagem. This machine was manufactured under the HALE program. This unmanned vehicle was designed for reconnaissance and observation of the battlefield. To detect enemy forces, CRECERELLE was equipped with a high-resolution photo and video camera. The package also includes an IR sensor and a sensor system. It was possible to transfer information to a ground control point from a distance of 50 kilometers.

The entire Sagem CRECERELLE complex consisted of a launcher, a ground control center, a trailer and six UAV vehicles. The entire complex of active use, excluding transport, cost about one million dollars. The French Armed Forces began to use it in their armament since 1994. France uses 12 of these vehicles, they are also in service in Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Only mounted engine allow to overclock the device to Sagem CRECERELLE 240 km / h and climb to an altitude of 4,5 kilometers.

Sagem CRECERELLE. Characteristics:

Modification   Crecerelle
Wingspan, m   2.75
Aircraft Length m   3.00
Weight, kg   115
engine's type   1 AP
Power, hp   1 x
Maximum speed km / h   240
Flight duration, h   3
Practical ceiling, m   4500


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