SAI Quiet Supersonic Transport. Specifications. A photo.
SAI Quiet Supersonic Transport. Specifications. A photo.

SAI Quiet Supersonic Transport. Specifications. A photo.


SAI Quiet Supersonic Transport - hypersonic aircraft aviation business developed by the American aircraft company «Lockheed Martin Skunk Works» and «Supersonic Aerospace International».


SAI Quiet Supersonic Transport photo


At the moment, the design of the aircraft is under development, while the American aircraft builders are faced with the important task of providing the SAI Quiet Supersonic Transport aircraft with not only a high speed of movement, but also to reduce the noise effect created when flying at a speed exceeding the speed of sound propagation. In fact, the project is of an experimental nature, and if specialists from American aircraft construction companies can fully and fully implement it, then the big design costs will pay off in the future when developing passenger airliners of supersonic type.

According to preliminary data from the project developed supersonic aircraft SAI Quiet Supersonic Transport, on the plane board can accommodate from 9 to 12 passengers, thus, used the plane because of the high cost can exclusively in the field of business aviation, however, as soon as the project will themselves prove, experts believe that the initial value of the stipulated one aircraft to 80 million dollars, could be reduced to 50-60 million, which in turn will in some cases be more promising than other aircraft of this class.


Photo SAI Quiet Supersonic Transport


Currently, the power plant, which is supposed to be used on the aircraft model SAI Quiet Supersonic Transport be negotiated, but we already know that the minimum generated by the engine thrust must be 150 kN, which accordingly would allow the aircraft to develop airspeed in 2204 km \ h. The maximum flight range of the administrative type of aircraft to be about 6 thousand kilometers, but it is possible that at the final stage, this figure could be increased to 7-8 thousand kilometers.

According to official data, the aircraft will have a fuselage length of about 16 meters, wingspan in 14 meters, which provides a sufficiently high density and, therefore, good handling and high maneuverability model SAI Quiet Supersonic Transport at the time of the flight.


Salon SAI Quiet Supersonic Transport


The first flight of the supersonic aircraft of the administrative type SAI Quiet Supersonic Transport should take place according to the existing plans in 2018 year, however, experts point to the fact that it could happen at the end of the year 2017.


Specifications Ryan M-1.


  • Crew: 2 person;
  • Passenger: 9-12 people (to be confirmed);
  • aircraft Length: 16,2 m (specified data).
  • Wingspan: 14,2 m (specified data).
  • . Plane Height: 4,3 m (specified data);
  • Weight of empty aircraft: 8700 kg. (Details to be confirmed);
  • Payload: 1500 kg. (Details to be confirmed);
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 10200 kg. (Details to be confirmed);
  • Cruising speed: 2050 km \ h. (Details to be confirmed);
  • Maximum flight speed: 2204 km \ h. (Details to be confirmed);
  • Maximum flight distance: 6000 km. (Details to be confirmed);
  • Maximum flight height: 13200 m (specified data).
  • aircraft engine type: turbojet;
  • Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney (Data to be confirmed);
  • Power: 150 kN (details to be confirmed).



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