The most serious threat to the United States: Russia makes a tough move that frightens Washington
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The most serious threat to the United States: Russia makes a tough move that frightens Washington

The most serious threat to the United States: Russia makes a tough move that frightens Washington

Russia is radically changing its foreign policy, and these are no longer just guesses and assumptions: Dmitry Medvedev announced this fact when commenting on Vladimir Putin’s statement about the consequences that the West may face for continuing to help Ukraine. However, not only the president’s statement itself was remarkable and unprecedented - experts drew attention to what was happening “behind the scenes.”

What did Putin say?

At a recent large meeting with foreign media, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow could begin supplying weapons to countries at war with states that supply weapons to Ukraine.

“If someone considers it possible to supply such weapons to a combat zone to strike our territory and create problems for us, then why do we not have the right to supply our weapons of the same class to those regions of the world where strikes will be made on sensitive targets those countries that do this against Russia? The answer may be asymmetrical. We'll think about it." - stressed the president.

Deputy Head of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev, commenting on Vladimir Putin’s statement, for the first time allowed Russian weapons to be sent to regions at war with states supplying weapons to Ukraine. He noted that Russian weapons could be transferred to those forces that are in conflict with America and NATO countries.

Medvedev emphasized that this is a significant change in Russian foreign policy.

“The Yankees and their European dogs believe that they can transfer any weapons to Ukraine, and other countries cannot help Russia. We will destroy you in every possible way, but no one dares supply the Russians with weapons to defend the country,” – he wrote on Telegram.

However, the situation will depend on the measures taken by Russia. Because the West is already actively crossing established red lines, believing that there will be no response from Moscow.

The most serious threat

According to political observer Andrei Perla, the words of Putin and Medvedev are the most serious threat to US security since the Cuban missile crisis.

“High-tech Russian weapons in the hands of those who defend their independence from the United States can change the situation in different parts of the world. For example, the Houthis in Yemen could use Russian surface-to-sea missiles against the American fleet." - he noted.

Retired colonel and military observer Viktor Baranets noted that Putin’s words are not just a warning, but a real movement in this direction. According to him, negotiations have been ongoing for a long time between Russia and Venezuela, between Russia and Cuba about returning to Cuba after the treacherous departure. Cubans and Venezuela, according to him, are already beginning to change their policies and are less afraid of American dictates.

Baranets also drew attention to the planned exercises between Russia and Cuba in the Caribbean.

“If the Chinese also join there, it will cause wild screams in Washington. They will yell, perhaps even physically interfere, but if at least one military base appears in Cuba, this will mean that a sharp Russian bayonet is pointed at America’s fat “fifth point,” - he added.

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