Antonov An-225 «Mriya». A photo. Characteristics.
Antonov An-225 «Mriya». A photo. Characteristics.

Antonov An-225 «Mriya». A photo. Characteristics.


An-225 «Mriya" - a unique transport plane, featuring extra high load capacity. It has been developed OKB. Antonova. The project was led Tolmachev Victor Ilyich.


Since 1984 1988 year for this unique aircraft has been properly designed and developed at the Kiev Mechanical Plant. Its first flight he made in December 21 1988 years. At the beginning of the project development 2 machine it was laid, and now a "Mriya" used by "Antonov Airlines". With regard to the second car, her willingness to regard only 70%.


An-225 «Mriya"An-225 «Mriya» 23


Specifications AN-225


This model has shestimotorny turbojet aircraft vysokoplan with swept wings and two-keel plumage and 6 aircraft engines D-18T. They were designed by Design Office "Progress". AG Ivanchenko.

An-225 «Mriya" - jet transport aircraft with a huge load capacity, which was encoded by NATO naming Cossack. It was designed in the days of the Soviet Union's chief designer Vladimir Tolmachev at OKB. Antonov. For the first time I flew 21.12.1988 years. In our time, only one instance of "Mriya" is operational flying condition, another is ready to 70%, but due to lack of funding (it takes about $ 100 million) work are not conducted. The operator of a unique aircraft giant is a Ukrainian airline AntonovAirlines.

History of creation

The need to construct a transport jet aircraft of immense proportions has arisen in connection with the servicing spacecraft "Buran". The functions of this aircraft was part of the transportation of certain heavy elements of the spacecraft and the launch vehicle from the place of its assembly to the launch site. The fact that the rockets and spaceships are launched mainly in the area of ​​the equator, where the value of the Earth's magnetic field is minimal, and thus reduces the risk of accidents on the rise.

An-225 «Mriya» Photo 1

Also for the An-225 task was to carry out the first stage of air-launched spacecraft and its payload for this should be at least 250 tons.

Since the dimensions of "Burana" and the launch vehicle exceed the dimensions of the cargo compartment, "Mriya" to the transport plane outside fastening adapted for transportation of goods outside. Such specificity has led to a change in its tail. I had to replace the tail of the aircraft on dvuhkilevoe to avoid heavy exposure to wind flow.

All of this suggests that the An-225 designed as a highly specialized heavy transport aircraft, however, some features that were taken from the An-124, made it universal in their qualities.

Many sources erroneously called Balabueva PV chief designer AN-225, but it is not. Balabuev was a chief designer of all Antonov Design Bureau in 1984-2005 years., But the head of the project "An-225» was appointed Vladimir Tolmachev

Cooperative ties while creating "Mriya"

Starting with Mr. 1985 leadership of the CPSU marked the short term on the development of the An-225. Therefore, during the design and construction of transport heavyweights involved hundreds of thousands of designers, scientists, engineers, technicians, pilots, soldiers and workers from all over the former Soviet republics.


An-225 «Mriya» Photo 2


Consider the work of individual enterprises to build An-225

  • "OKB. Antonov "(Kiev) - the basic design work. Production of most of the units, parts of the fuselage, fairings and fairings, bow, etc. Assembly: the fuselage and the general assembly of the aircraft.
  • "Tashkent Aircraft Production Association named. Chkalov "- manufacture of central and end portions of the wings on the basis of AN-124.
  • "Ulyanovsk Aviation Industry Complex" - the production of large-sized power of milled frames, brackets fuselage, some production units and parts of the aircraft.
  • "Kyiv Aircraft Production Association" - the production of the forward fuselage, the nose and the horizontal tail, the front landing gear, ball screw mechanism for racks fuselage.
  • "Moscow Institute of Automation and Electromechanics" - design and manufacture of complex control of the aircraft A-825M.
  • "Zaporozhye Engine-Building Plant" - production of mass-produced engines D-18.
  • "Gidromash" (Nizhny Novgorod) - the production of new chassis.
  • "Voronezh aircraft factory." Experts engaged in painting the aircraft in Kiev.


Features of the AN-225

  • Freight broad purpose (heavy, bulky, long length) with a total weight up to 250 tons.
  • Landlocked nonstop freight transport with a total weight 180-200 t.
  • Intercontinental freight to 150 t.
  • Transportation of external single piece attached to the fuselage with a weight of up to 200 t.
  • "Mriya" - a promising base for the design of aerospace systems.


An-225 «Mriya» Photo 3


Consider the amount of the cargo compartment of the fuselage in the examples.

  • Cars (50 pcs.).
  • Universal air containers VAR-10 (16 pcs.).
  • Large single piece with a total weight of up to 200 tons (generators, turbines, dump trucks, etc.)



The first flight of "Mriya" dates back to 21.12.1988 city

The plane was designed for the transport spacecraft "Buran", and rocket "Energy". However, until the completion of its release boosters were already transferred by plane "Atlas", and An-225 was only involved in the movement of the "Buran". In May 1989, he was presented at the Paris Air Show and held several demonstration flights over Baikonur in April 1991 city

After the collapse of the USSR, 1994 g, single unit "Mriya" has ceased to fly. With her engines were removed, some other elements of equipment and put on the "Ruslan". But by the early 2000 years it became clear that the need for the work of An-225 very high, so it tried to restore the Ukrainian enterprises. In order to fit the jet boat for modern civil aviation certificates, as required minor revision.

An-225 «Mriya» Photo 4

23.05.2001 of the AN-225 «Mriya" has received certificates from the International Aviation Committee and the State Department of Aviation Transport of Ukraine. They are allowed to perform commercial activities of transport of goods.

At the present time, the owner of a single copy of the An-225 is airline «AntonovAirlines», which carries out commercial transportation as part of a subsidiary of ASTC. Antonov.

On the basis of the design of the aircraft is carried out of the complex to start flying a variety of aircraft and space systems. One of the most promising projects in this direction - MAX (Ukrainian-Russian multipurpose aerospace system).


During the short time of existence of the An-225 found hundreds records aviation.

An-225 "Mriya" is the heaviest lifting aircraft that has ever taken off. The wingspan is second only to the HuglesH-Herkules, which made only one flight in 1974.

Especially many records have been set by the An-225 in terms of carrying capacity. So, on March 22.03.1989, 156,3, lifting a cargo with a total weight of 110 tons into the sky, he broke 2004 world aviation records. But this is not the limit of his capabilities. August 250 - the plane "Mriya" transports a cargo consisting of Zeromax equipment in the direction of Prague - Tashkent with refueling in Samara, with a total weight of XNUMX tons.

Five years later, in August of 2009, the name of Ukrainian aircraft once again enters the Guinness Book of Records, this time for the transportation of heavy monocargo in the cargo hold. It appeared to be a generator that weighed along with the installation of auxiliary 187,6 tons. The cargo headed from the German city of Frankfurt to Yerevan at the request of the Armenian power.

An-225 «Mriya» Photo 5

The absolute record-duty at a rate of 253,8 tons belongs to the An-225 «Mriya».

10.06. 2010 of this aircraft was transported most lengthy in the history of air cargo - two windmill blade of the screw, with which at every 42,1 m in length.

If you add up all the world records, "Mriya", then those are over 250.


The second copy of "Mriya"

Second An-225 ready today only 70%. Its assembly began in the days of the Union at the aircraft plant them. Antonov. According to the management of the plant, when a customer will be able to bring it to an operating flight readiness.

Based on the statement of the general director of the Kiev Aviant Oleg Shevchenko, now it takes about $ 90-100 million of investments to lift the second copy of the An-225 into the air. And if you take into account the amount required for flight tests, then the total cost could rise to $ 120 million.


As you know, through the development of this aircraft is An-124 «Ruslan". The main differences from the AN-225 aircraft An-124 as follows:

  • Two additional engine

  • increasing the length of the fuselage as a result of insertions

  • a new center section,

  • replacement of the tail,

  • no tail cargo hatch,

  • mounting system and the boost of external loads,

  • increasing the number of the main landing gear struts.


An-225 «Mriya» 23


As for other features, the AN-225 «Mriya" almost entirely responsible AN-124, significantly easier and cheaper to develop new models and its use.


An Appointment-225 «Mriya"


The reason for the development and creation of the An-225 was the need for air transport platform designed for space shuttle "Buran". As you know, the main purpose of the aircraft as part of the project was the transportation of the space shuttle and its components from the production site to the launch site. In addition, there was a task to return the spacecraft "Buran" at Baikonur, if he is suddenly forced to land at alternate aerodromes.


More AN-225 expected to use as the first step of air-launched space shuttle. That is why the plane had to withstand a greater load 250 tons. Since the blocks carrier "Energy" itself spaceship "Buran" have dimensions that exceed the dimensions of some of the cargo hold of the aircraft, it provided external strapping. This in turn will require the replacement of the base on the tail of the aircraft dvuhkilevoe, thus avoiding aerodynamic shadowing.


An-225 «Mriya» 123231


As you can see, the plane was created to perform a few specialized transportation problems that have been very responsible. However, its construction based on the An-124 «Ruslan" put on a new car as a transport aircraft by many.


An-225 can:

  • multi-purpose cargo transportation (bulky, lengthy, heavy), the total weight is up to 250 tons;

  • inland freight weight tonnes 180-200 without landing;

  • intercontinental transport of goods, the total weight to 150 tons;

  • Heavy single piece shipments, weighing up to 200 tons and with large dimensions.


An-225 - is the first step in creating a comic aviation project.


The model is spacious and roomy cargo cabin, so you can carry a variety of loads.

For example, it can be translated:

  • Fifty cars;

  • monocargo weighing up to 200 tons (dump trucks, turbines, generators);

  • sixteen ten-VAR-10, which are versatile aircraft containers.


An-225 «Mriya» 111


Cargo compartment parameters: 6,4 m - width, 43 m - length, 4,4 m - height. The cargo compartment of An-225 is hermetically sealed, which expands its capabilities. Above the cargo cabin is a room intended for a shift crew of 6 people and for 88 people who can accompany the shipment. In this case, all control systems have a four-fold reservation. The design of the forward cargo hatch and the onboard equipment complex allow to load / unload the cargo as conveniently and quickly as possible. The airplane can transport large-sized loads on the fuselage. The dimensions of these goods do not allow them to be transported using other land or air vehicles. The special fastening system ensures the reliability of finding these goods on the fuselage.


Flight performance of An-225

  • 800-850 km / h - cruising speed

  • 1500 km - distance flight with maximum fuel reserve

  • 4500 km - range with a load of 200 t

  • 7000 km -dalnost flight load 150 t

  • 3-3,5 thousand. M - Required runway length



  • 88,4 m - wingspan

  • 84 meters - the length of the plane

  • 18,1 m - Height

  • 905 square. m - the area of ​​the wing


An-225 «Mriya» 222


To date, the AN-225 «Mriya" is the largest aircraft in the world, and thus the load. Furthermore, the giant has put a large number of world records, many of which are on-duty take-off weight, long loads etc.


Possible competition


President of "Antonov Airlines" states that with the launch of the An-225 satellite phones will cost much cheaper than the use of infrastructure spaceport. And the plane will not compete with the project "Flight", which involves the launch of a "Ruslan". All this is because the project "Flight" is scheduled to launch the so-called light satellites weighing up to a ton of 3,5. But with the An-225 can produce the design medium type, weighing up to a ton of 5,5.


As far as the updated draft of the West, it is a jet-3F A100HH to Airbus and a model airship 747-X Corporation Boeing, their load capacity is not more than 150 tons, and they begin to compete with the An-225. And the chance to win a lot of them.


Last modernization of the AN-225 2000 was held in the year, as a result of which he received the navigation equipment that meets international standards.


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That's right

The interpretation of "rockets and spaceships are launched mainly in the equator, where the value of the Earth's magnetic field is minimal, and, accordingly, the risk of accidents during takeoff decreases" is certainly curious, but doubtful :) The main reason is the rotation of the Earth around its own axis.



"The wingspan is second only to the HuglesH-Herkules, which made only one flight in 1974." - Correct the mistake, his first and only flight was in 1947

The motors for the aircraft were developed by ZMKB "Progress" them. acad. A.G. Ivchenko (indicated by mistake Ivanchenko)

The name of the aircraft was given to the point! Indeed dream of having in your location so beautiful and large aircraft. Mriya owns hundreds of world aviation records. This heavyweight not soon surpass))). Respect Antonovites!

This is the only aircraft in the world. He is able to move inside the cargo cabin three Boeing without wings! It's just in my head does not fit. Here on this plane Ukrainian company and need to make a bet. Yes, build a giant it requires a lot of effort, time and money, but customers find it exactly, despite the fact that it was built when the transport "Buran" on the external sling. In exceptional transport is now interested in a lot of countries around the world.

Yes, "Mriya" is a beautiful plane. Perhaps because he was so named. Thoroughly thought-out design of feathers, powerplant, landing gear, aircraft allowed it to beat hundreds of world aviation records. Rear View all incredible!

I saw the plane when it at the air show. In a word - a real giant. The pictures seem great, but in reality - even beyond the imagination in size. Near him, people seem to crawl. Great plane. I am proud of Soviet developments and talent of Ukrainian aircraft designers.

This is a wonderful cargo plane, which did not require modifications! If our country had a fleet of dozens of such machines, problems with the movement of bulky cargo would disappear. But if on this basis to build a bomber, imagine what it would be power. Enemies just would not look in the direction of the country, which can carry one plane in the air a few hundred bombs. Records - is of course great. Ukrainian manufacturer of creating such giants as "Mriya" and "Ruslan" has made a good publicity and deserves respect.

This is not a Ukrainian manufacturer made AN-225. The plane was designed and made in the USSR.


This aircraft only in civil aviation. It is foolish to lay down as many eggs in one basket, if you make it a bomber. Especially since he slug (850km / hour), and the whole range of 4500km. So, as a superior plane and flying Heavy spaceport.

Unreal. Low speed and relatively low maneuverability characteristics of a negative impact. support group is simply connected this monster. In general, the war - it's bad. It was created for peaceful purposes.

Prosrali! I do not need the West competition


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