5 generation aircraft
5 generation aircraft

5 generation aircraft



In the middle of 70-s leading aviation powers, began to elaborate the concept of fifth generation fighter aircraft. We develop the basic requirements for advanced machine designed appearance.

At a time when the fourth generation of machines tested and there were only adopted the basic requirements of the future fighter aircraft we were ready.

What does the term "fifth generation aircraft?"

We will not list all the aspects of the concept of "fifth generation". On this subject much has been written and said. Let us only on the basic requirements.

  • Reduced visibility on all ranges of radiation.
  • Versatility.
  • The transition to the passive instrument of action.
  • Besforsazhny supersonic flight mode.
  • Increased maneuverability due to aerodynamics and the use of thrust vectoring engines.
  • Automation of combat against the enemy, in all flight modes.

It briefly the main requirements for modern combat systems perspective.

In Russia and the United States have different approaches to the development of new-generation aircraft. For example, in Russia, focuses on supermaneuverability. While Americans have relied on stealth aircraft and equipment of modern combat systems. According to US experts, the latest developments will enable aircraft weapons do not enter into a phase of near visual maneuver battlefield. Winning the battle, thanks to a more powerful radar and stealth in the medium range.

The world arms race and the improvement of both military and civil technologies will lead the whole world to progress and achieve new goals. This is the case with aircraft, they are constantly upgrading and improving, which will allow them to meet world requirements. Analyzing aircraft construction over the past hundred years, we can conclude that in a fairly short historical period of time, mankind in the first stages managed to make a detachment from the ground and make the first small flights, and at the moment, new aircraft can very quickly cross distances over the continents and oceans. Due to all this, mankind and the aircraft building industry have come up with the creation of 5-generation aircraft.


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The first machines that belong to the 5 generation were created back in the 2001 year in the US, and in our country at this time the flight testing phase of the aircraft of this line was coming to an end. The first development of the airborne 5-generation began in the 70-ies of the last century. And the development of these projects was launched in parallel both in the US and in the USSR. An interesting fact is that at this time the 4 generation machines produced only the first flights, and the government and designers planned the creation of even more advanced machines. To create the project and develop qualitatively new machines, the best designers were assembled from advanced design bureaus and research centers.


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In reality, at the moment the development of such aircraft is engaged in a lot of countries of the world, the greatest achievements have received such countries as the United States its F-35Russia and its PAK FAChina with two models J-31 и J-20 As well as Japan with a plane Mitsubishi ATD-X. As for combat use, the fifth-generation aircraft taken into service in the US with 2014 years. This representative is designated F-22.


Basic requirements for the world's aircraft 5-generation


First of all, new vehicles are required to have significantly better flight performance and combat characteristics. It is for this reason that the characteristics were developed that the new combat aircraft must meet.

  • Reduce to a minimum the visibility of the aircraft to the radar tower and the passive infrared detectors or hidden method of work onboard sensors of the aircraft;

  • Increased versatility that allows you to use the machine for a wide range of combat missions. This should ensure the efficient conduct of the fight both with air and with surface and ground-based enemy targets.

  • The aircraft must have a circular information system that allows you to control all movement of objects around the plane. It not so long ago was created a helmet for these aircraft, which allows the pilot to see through the plane in any direction.

  • Also set speed performance, which must meet the plane. For airplanes 5-generation should reach supersonic speeds without using afterburner mode.

  • High rates supermaneuverability apparatus.

  • Aircrafts of the new generation should be able to produce multi-channel firing missiles from a distance, as well as to fire from all angles opponents in close combat.

  • Management of the onboard information equipment and a new system of noise should be made automatically.

  • Control of the machine must be carried out by only one combat pilot who has to work with the tactical situation indicator, which displays information from all external sensors, and this information is pre-processed by computer programs by comparison, scaling and overlay information.

  • All design and aerodynamics of the aircraft of this type must be capable of very rapid change in the path of movement without delay. And the performance of twists and turns should not require very precise coordination of controls.

  • For efficient operation and combat use of aircraft must forgive even gross pilot error control over a wide range.

  • Also automatic aircraft 5-generation is obliged to solve tactical problems and have a so-called program "To help the pilot."

fighter j-20

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There are differences in the priority directions of the development of aircraft building of this generation in different countries. The current requirement for an aircraft manufactured in the Russian Federation was super maneuverability, which should ensure maximum stability of the device at various angles of attack. Also, the new aircraft must withstand high rates of overload. Much attention was paid to the development of military weapons, which could ensure the maximum effectiveness of combat when the target is outside the trajectory vector. It should be noted that practically the same requirements were put forward for American projects of the 5 generation, but soon they set other priority goals, which the aircraft must meet to the maximum.

Mitsubishi ATD-X

Mitsubishi ATD-X read more ...

So, the American designers preferred to pay special attention to the dynamics of the whole machine. Americans abandoned the previously planned path due to the fact that new highly maneuverable missiles were created, which could conduct an attack from any angle. The new missiles are equipped with self-guided heads, which allows for an attack not only from the position behind the enemy's back hemisphere. At the expense of all this it was planned to conduct air battles at medium ranges, and in cases of special situations it is possible to go into close combat. These aircraft and their equipment to reduce the visibility of the machine transferred the air battles to the category "first saw - first shot down". On the one hand, the logic of Americans and their priorities is understandable, but meeting two similar devices with a similar set of equipment will lead to the return of older tactics of combat, and then maneuverability will even be superfluous.


Development of the aircraft 5-generation in the Russian Federation


Initial developments were started in the early 80-ies on MiG MAPO. The center prepared enough known project under the designation "1.44". For the first time this machine has made the gap between cover Zhukovsky airfield in February 2000 years.

T-50 video

The first flight went well, the car showed excellent obedience, like its predecessors, but as the pilot V. Gorbunov himself noted: "This is a qualitatively new car with excellent flight performance." After that, the car was transferred to a deeper flight test, which showed that the machine can be used very effectively in combat operations. At the beginning of the 90-ies of the last century, the financing of the project "1.44" was minimal, this led to the fact that all equipment began to become obsolete in comparison with American counterparts, and a little later this program was completely closed.

F-35 video

At the present time there is a development of the new machine 5-generation, but this program has been OKB Sukhoi. The new model was christened as the PAK FA, which means promising aviation complex tactical air, and the platform of the machine received the designation "T-50". This machine carried out its first flight in the winter of 2010, the flight was conducted on the territory of the KnAAPO enterprise. The first flight was successful, while the device was in the air for 47 minutes. After 6 sorties, the plane was transferred for further testing in Gromov's LII. Here the machine undergoes further flight tests. It should be noted that in the early spring of 2011 another prototype was created, which significantly reduces testing time. The second car went up in the air with some flaws, but already 14.04.2011 year under the control of S. Bogdan the sound speed barrier of the apparatus was overcome. The hundredth sortie of the PAK FA type aircraft was made in November 2011.

J-20 video

The third car of this class was ready for the fall of the 2011 of the year, and it made its first departure of the 22.11.2011 of the year. All three machines are currently being tested for a variety of parameters. Before proceeding with the mass production of the 5 generation, the designers and the country's leadership are planning to carry out thousands of 2 flights on these planes. The leadership of the Russian Federation emphasized that at the beginning of 2013, the first batch of the new aviation complex will come, with which these aircraft will be equipped, and in 2015 full-scale purchases of these complexes are planned. 


Russian development

Well-known in aviation circles project «1. 44 » We began to develop in the early 80-ies. In the winter-spring 2000 the aircraft, also known as MFIs up in the air. Fighter showed good flight data. But even then, he said the lack of funding for the project as a whole. Technologies become obsolete and can not compete with US counterparts. Subsequently, due to a number of different circumstances, the project was closed.

But the RAC "MiG", does not submit their positions. In the past this year's air show in Le Bourget, director of RAC Sergey Korotkov, sounded promising concept of designing complex on the basis of the aircraft MiG-35.

A newer development OKB. Sukhoi - the concept of the plane PAK FA, The designation T-50. In January 2010, the first time he flew. Who T-50 permanent participant of various air shows. The troops should arrive in the next year.



For today PAK FA American is the only competitor F-22% Raptor.

US facilities

F-22% RaptorWhile the first and the only one put into service aviation complex of the fifth generation. Development of the aircraft has become very expensive, and even were reduced requirements for the aircraft. Developers had to give up a piece of equipment, in order to avoid the already bloated budget. Still, the cost of F-22% It proved 146,2 million.

In January 2003, the first production Raptor flew to the air base in the Nevada desert.

Another development of the designers of the company Lockheed Martin F-35% lightning II. Sure, just as interesting and promising as an expensive development program JSF (single fighter). With the prospect of creating a unified missile complex for the countries - members of NATO.

Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II

Japanese aircraft technology demonstrator Mitsubishi ATD-X Shinshin

Yes, exactly, because Japan is not going to produce the aircraft commercially. It will be tested modern technology, particularly high technology self-healing manageability, while injuries SRFCC.

India is parallel to two recent developments. One, together with Russia, in which India is responsible for the development of avionics and the Russian side of the airframe and engines. And second, its own development, the aircraft of the fifth generation of the program AMCA.

Chinese surprise

But most of all alarmed the world aviation community, the news of a breakthrough in the creation of the fifth generation aircraft in China. For information about the plane J-20 «Black Eagle" (one of the names in the press) rather nebulous and vague. Given the closeness of the Chinese defense industry, little information can be gleaned only from official sources, and based on the opinion of analysts.

Despite the skepticism, and frankly ironic attitude of Western experts to the news from China on the establishment of a platform for the aircraft meets all the requirements of aviation 21 century, media have the first pictures of the aircraft. The first flight took place in 2011 year.

J-20 «Black Eagle"

J-20 «Black Eagle"

By "appearance" Eagle ", you can determine the major" donors "to create the appearance of the car. It discern the outlines and T-50and Raptor и F-35%. But the appearance, similar to the plane of the fifth generation stealth, still does not assume the corresponding high HDT. The main thing in the plane of its innards. The engine, radar, avionics, armament. And just this, according to experts, the Chinese "kopiproma" until there is a problem.

Do not copy and analogue

And as you know is always inferior to the original analogue.

By plane J-20% are Russian-made engines AL-31 FN. Chinese equivalent of this engine, family WS-10%Even while not call up the original. Nedotyagivaet technology, production of special alloys. Therefore, the Chinese aviation industry prefers to buy accessories for its industry (in particular, for turbine blades) Russian producers.

Far from a world-class production of composite materials and equipment for the radar. No wonder the Chinese colleagues are showing increased interest in purchasing our Su-35. This purchase will allow the Chinese aviation industry to make the next quantum leap in the production of competitive aircraft systems. Development and production of competitive aircraft systems of the fifth generation in China will lead to a significant redistribution of the arms market, the balance of power in the Pacific region, and China will open the door to the club of leading aviation powers.

Anxiety military

It is understandable concern of the US military. The growing power of the Chinese army, in particular, the latest aircraft, threaten US interests in the Western Pacific region. Development of the aircraft carrier fleet, can put an end to the monopoly of the US Navy in this part of the world's oceans.

For Russian producers, China has become a strong competitor in the global arms market. And the intrigue is that the Chinese are starting to offer airplanes, copied from Russian. Modernizing them and establishing avionics according to market demands and specific customer, the Chinese offer cheaper analogues of our machines. At the same time negotiating the purchase of our more advanced technology and equipment. For several decades the Chinese use modern Russian technology and "know-how".

Probably just a wrapper

Of course, we can not ignore the ability of the Chinese defense industry to hit the world next technological breakthroughs. But, despite all the efforts of the Chinese leadership to wishful thinking, aircraft J-20% и J-31% still far from the complex of the fifth generation. According to experts and technicians, these machines are a platform for further development of aviation systems competitive with world analogues.

The main comparative characteristics of the T-50, the American F-22 and Chinese J-20.


T-50 (PAK FA) Russia

F-22 (Raptor) USA

J-20 (Black Eagle) China

Maximum takeoff weight

35480 kg

38000 kg

36000 kg

Maximum combat load

10000 kg

10370 kg

n / a

Thrust-under normal takeoff weight



n / a

Maximum flight speed

2600 km / h

2410 km / h

2000 km / h

Maximum airspeed besforsazhny

2100 km / h

1850 km / h

n / a

Range without drop tanks with combat load

2700 km

1900 km

2000 km

Maximum range

5500 km

3400 km

5500 km


20000 m

22000 m

20000 km

Required runway length

350 m

915 m

n / a

The maximum detection range of VC

to 400 km


n / a

The number of issued copies in 2015g.









You can endlessly look at 3 things: how "Admiral Kuznetsov" goes to Syria, how Putin is elected president and how the T-50 goes into service