The plane Alisher Usmanov
The plane Alisher Usmanov

The plane Alisher Usmanov

The richest man in Russia, the Russian leader in the Forbes list, is flying on an airplane Airbus 340-300 350 worth million dollars. Thus, he becomes the owner of the most expensive aircraft among the participants rating Forbes and Russian businessmen.

Usmanov managed to overtake most of Roman Abramovich, who has in the park, too, is the same A340, but, according to experts, this is a budget version in 300 million.

Alisher Usmanov aircraft Airbus 340-300 2008 was established in the year and was intended for the airline "Global Jet Concept" (Switzerland), who used it for four years.

According to some reports, the plane Alisher Usmanov has M-IABU board room. It is easy to guess how he stands: "I - Alisher Usmanov," and the letter "M" is an abbreviation of the Isle of Man, where he, in fact, has been registered.

The aircraft was named in honor of his father oligarch, as evidenced by the inscription on the fuselage BOURKHAN (so named his father). It is impossible not to note the fact that the car in the first days of its flights performed with such inscription. Therefore, it is possible that the company "Global Jet Concept" at the very beginning decided to bet on what will be the future owner of the aircraft Alisher Usmanov. Throughout the four years, when the aircraft was operated in a different order, the billionaire watched him, occasionally ordering the company's services.

In the Moscow office of "Global Jet Concept" refused to answer all questions regarding the aircraft Airbus 340-300 BOURKHAN. Recall that the company is one of the largest in Europe, specializing in business aviation, as well as one of the largest business aviation operators in the Russian market. She specializes in commercial traffic and manages private jets. The fleet consists of aircraft private aircraft owners. Jets Airbus 340-300 30 there are no more in the world.

The fleet oligarch bought the Airbus in addition, there are other planes, among them the Boeing Business Jet. His ships are based at Vnukovo airport. But the new plane was no exception, performing flights from Sheremetyevo. In size it is second only to the new model A380.

Unfortunately, the exact characteristics of Alisher Usmanov’s aircraft are not yet known, as well as its interior components. Although there is information about some of its characteristics.


The weight

flight performance

Height - 16,8 m

Empty weight - 130,9 thousand kg.

The length of the run - 3 thousand meters.

Length - 63,7 m

Maximum take-off - 271-275 thousand kg.

Maximum cruising speed 890 km per hour

Wing area - 361,6 m2

Maximum landing - 192 thousand kg.

Flight range with maximum load - 13,5 km

Wingspan - 60,3 m

Maximum landing weight - 192 thousand kg.

Maximum altitude - 12,5 m

Maximum payload - 50,9 kg

The path length - 1926 m

The volume of fuel tanks - 141,5 l

Engines: x 4 15400 kg, CFMI CFM56-5C4

According to experts, such a purchase can not be regarded as an empty squandering of funds. In the liner thanks to its "multi-engine" has obvious advantages - it is able to lay a variety of air routes and do not pay any attention to technical problems during a flight with one of the engines. There were cases when ships on three working engines crossed the Atlantic Ocean without effort.

Regarding regular passenger traffic, the demand for Airbus 340 today has almost stopped due to high fuel consumption, which forces companies to use А330.