"The plane of the Apocalypse"
"The plane of the Apocalypse"

"The plane of the Apocalypse"

President of the United States has at its disposal Boeing 747, who is not afraid even a nuclear attack. Its cost is estimated at 223 million.

The modified Boeing 747 American president is capable of speeds up to 1000 km per hour. Thanks to the excellent technical characteristics it is called "the plane of the Apocalypse." On this presidential ship always dreamed of George W. Bush. But the Pentagon because of spending cuts was forced to postpone the purchase of aircraft for several years.

According to experts, the IL-96, which previously traveled Dmitry Medvedev, is about 300 million, but this amount does not correspond to the inner liner filling. There are no frills at this terrible plane there. However, funds have been spent more than US airliner.

Unlike most countries in the world, the Ministry of Defense takes over all the costs for air transportation of the president. At the same time, the head of state is not limited by the budget for air travel. While the Russian president's side resembles a palace of the XIX century, the interior of the Obama plane is made rather modestly. Recall that in 2006, Putin on his way from Morocco allowed journalists to look inside the cabin of his liner. They were amazed by the chic salon, paintings, ornaments and other decorations. According to journalists, the interior was developed by Diamonite Aircraft Furnishings.

In the US presidential plane decorate considered disrespectful to the taxpayers. For them, it is first important technical perfection, luxury and goes by the wayside.

Features "aircraft of the Apocalypse"

Special built-in protection systems ensure the safety of the ship the first person, even with the fall of meteorites or a nuclear war.

When the engine is running at full capacity the car will not need refueling for several days. The body itself is built aircraft overall shield against radioactive threat from the cosmos or in the event of nuclear war. Despite the large size, a modified Boeing 747 is capable of reaching speeds of up to 2 thousand. Kilometers per hour. Specially trained crew as the plane itself, is on alert round the clock.

The passengers on board the Boeing 747 can communicate with submarines and ground. To achieve this goal in the rear part of the ship is eight-meter cable. When you need to send a message that it thrown overboard, the test code supplied to the submarine. On board the giant car lot ultramodern equipment total weight of almost 186 tons.

The professional team ensures reliable operation of the equipment, and the ventilation system is responsible for cooling the liner. 

"Give us the number of any person, at any point of the Earth, he was no matter - we will get back to him" - says Joe Stewart, holding the position of the US Air Force sergeant.

But journalists and pilots still managed to find at superliner one minor drawback - it is too small and there are no restrooms showers. Therefore, in the case of the Apocalypse much comfort to the US President should not wait.

It is worth noting that earlier in the United States repeatedly occurred incidents with presidential aircraft. For example, in May 2011, the Barack Obama airliner made two forced landings due to low visibility at the Bradley airfield (Connecticut). The low visibility caused by dense fog was about 3 km, while the height of the lower boundary of the clouds varied from 100 to 330 m, which is unacceptable for liners of this class. 

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