Aircraft white
Aircraft white

Aircraft white

Many of the passengers, one way or another, wondered - why the color planes in white? The key to this lies in the sun coloring. White least attracts the sun's heat, which is important in the sky. After landing, the aircraft engines operate on a small thrust that produces to the difficulty of ventilation in the cabin. Sheathing very quickly heats up, and to high temperatures. Passengers and crew rescued only air conditioners. Currently particularly acute relevance for tropical countries.

Most of the airlines aircraft painted white, but there are airliners and other shades. In this case, it plays the role of advertising. Airlines lots, service and prices are slightly different, so the management of these campaigns relies on bright colors or shades. It makes a similar move to increase passenger traffic.

Regarding military aircraft white color is less popular. As a rule, bombers and fighters painted in the colors of the sky and the earth: blue, green, respectively. More often used khaki for a better camouflage. Bottom painted in blue, light blue, sometimes white. Therefore, the ground plane becomes unnoticeable to the eye, and some types of radar. A top of the color green, brown, black, making it unnoticeable air.

The most famous warplanes white


  • Tupolev Tu-160 - strategic supersonic bomber-missile. The wing has a variable geometry. Created in Tupolev between 1970 years of 1980. The bulk of the aircraft painted in white.
  • Su-24 - Soviet-Russian bomber. The wing has a checkered sweep. Used for coating missile and bomb attacks, regardless of weather conditions. It can carry blows at low altitudes, affecting surface and ground targets. Painted white.

  • Dassault-Breguet - single / double French multi-purpose fighter. It could be used as a fighter-bomber and fighter-interceptor. It is considered the first fighter of European production, which exceeded the speed of sound twice. One of the three copies, painted in the colors of the French flag.
  • Junkers Ju 52 / 3m - German military transport and passenger aircraft, which is manufactured by Junkers in the period of 1932 years 1945, was painted white.
  • Messerschmitt Bf.109E - piston single-engine fighter nizkoplan that was in service with the Air Force Luftwaffe, and many other countries over 30 years. A large number of modifications to allow its use as a fighter, high-altitude fighter, interceptor, reconnaissance aircraft and fighter-bomber. After the Soviet attack plane IL-2 considered the most commercially-produced in the history of WWII. Several copies were painted white.

  • An-2 - Soviet light multi-purpose aircraft. Single-engine biplane piston type with an estimated wing. Depending on the modifications consisted of the Air Forces of many countries. One unit was painted in white and blue.
  • Rockwell International B-1 «Lancer" - the strategic supersonic bomber of American manufacturing with variable sweep wing. I had white.
  • Lockheed P-2 «Neptune" - patrol aircraft of the US manufacturing base. He served more than 40 years in the US Navy. Painted white.

  • Non-111N-6 - average German bomber, which was the basis of the impact force of the Luftwaffe. It is a common modification Heinkel He 111. A modification of the series painted in white.
  • MkI refers to the upgraded Hawker Hurricane. British single-seat fighter production, to participate actively in WWII. For bombing operations against Japan repainted white.
  • TB-WP - modification of TB-W. Soviet heavy bomber type that was in service with the Air Forces of the Soviet Union's 30-40-e for years. Ten aircraft were painted white to perform at the parade.
  • Bell XP-77 - American experimental aircraft production. It was created during WWII as a lightweight fighter. The prototype is constructed of non-strategic materials. It was created by a single instance. Painted white.

  • Kyushu K11W Shiragiku - training aircraft used to train pilots of the Japanese Navy. The only surviving specimen after WWII was painted white with crosses, denoting the surrender of Japan.  
  • MiG-29 - Soviet / Russian fighter, multi-purpose. Refers to the fighter of the fourth generation. "57 are white" - the Ukrainian modification in a single copy. Painted in white and blue, and on the back of the plane the national emblem of the country - “Trident” is painted in pixels.