Airplane BMW. The first engines from BMW
Airplane BMW. The first engines from BMW

Airplane BMW. The first engines from BMW

BMW corporation has enormous authority in the world at the expense of established reliable quality cars and motorcycles. Company name is an abbreviation of the name of the plant Bayerische Motoren Werke. Few people know that the company began its existence is not a production of land vehicles, namely aircraft. Before we start talking about the aircraft BMW and the first engines from this company, you need to start with the history of its creation and development in the early stages.

A Brief History of BMW base

BMW was founded in Munich in the 1917 year due to the merger of two factories that were engaged in the manufacture of engines for aviation. The original management of the company was owned by two plants, which were Karl Rapp and son of the inventor of the first internal combustion engine Gustav Otto. These two companies were founded at the beginning of 1913, and due to the outbreak of the First World War, they had huge orders. The merger of the plants allowed to increase the production of aircraft engines. At this time, BMW had a huge number of orders, which allowed them to thrive in the industry before the war.

Since the company has worked in the aircraft industry, the aircraft was established BMW, moreover, there were many other air vehicles, which are equipped with their engines. Due to this terrific BMW logo is a circle in which displayed white propeller on a blue sky background.

The field of defeat of Germany in the war by the Treaty of Versailles was forbidden to manufacture aircraft engines, which led BMW to bankruptcy, since the only products they manufactured were engines for aircraft. Avoid the complete closure of the plant helped change the output of products, namely they began to manufacture engines for motorcycles, and with 1923 year independently established the production of very high-quality and powerful motorcycles. Their first motorcycle was the model R32, which had a unique engine of BMW, allowing the motorcycle to become the absolute champion of speed on motorcycle races 20 and 30-ies of the last century.

The achievements and means of making motorcycles allowed the company's management to start producing a new engine "Motor-4" in parallel. This engine was finally designed in other European countries. It was the engine "Motor-4" that allowed the company to gain worldwide recognition due to the fact that the aircraft with this engine in 1919 year could rise to a maximum of 9760 meters, which was at that time a world record of altitude. Also, Soviet aircraft were equipped with these motors due to a secret contract with BMW, which helped to achieve records in aviation among Soviet aircraft.

The first engine from BMW and their use:

  • At the beginning of the year it was made 1924 intercontinental flight to Persia, is managed by the engine installed on the aircraft from the German company.
  • With aircraft engine from the company BMW, which established airline Rohrbach Ro VII, succeeded in 1926, implement the first flight across the Atlantic Ocean. This flight is little known in our time due to the fact that the seaplane was used.

  • 1927 year has been successful on records in aviation, namely, it has been found 87 world records. But the most important was that 29 of these records have been set with the first engines from BMW.

Achievements and manufacturing of motorcycle engines enabled the company to purchase the car factory in Eisenach, was also acquired a license. This factory started to produce the first car BMW creation of the corporation under the name Dixi. Parallel to this, an agreement was concluded with the American company, which is also engaged in manufacturing aircraft engines. This partnership has allowed to begin work on a new engine with a radial structure of the scheme.

Also, a new round of development of the corporation became 1938 year, in which the government set the task of creating a jet aircraft engine. This development was carried out by BMW together with the firm "Brahmo". At the end of the year, emphasis was placed on the development of turboprop engines, which were equipped with an axial compressor, these motors were equipped with new coaxial screws. In the end, all the developments were completed by BMW due to the absorption of the Bramo plant. Later, a turboprop engine with the designation 109-03 was created. Since the beginning of the 40-ies, the installation was completed, which allowed to significantly increase its power due to improvements.

The BMW plant was sufficiently powerful before the war, but at the end of World War II, the main factories were destroyed, and the groundwork was almost lost. Moreover, the country was in a very difficult economic and political situation. This company was able to function normally only from 1962, when the new car was created.

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