The aircraft from the designer: Dream Aircraft Canada, STOL
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The aircraft from the designer: Dream Aircraft Canada, STOL

The aircraft from the designer: Dream Aircraft Canada, STOL



I have long wanted more detail to understand and learn about the assembly of aircraft from a set of semi-finished products, the so-called kit kit Aircraft. Just recently, I met a very interesting person - Ruslan Andronov. Ruslan - Head-dealer firms Dream Aircraft CanadaWhich specializes in production of sets of kit for the assembly of light aircraft STOL. For those who do not remember, I recall: the aircraft with STOL strange abbreviation means that it has a short takeoff and landing.


The aircraft from the designer: Dream Aircraft Canada, STOL Ruslan


Tundra in the tundra

That is, in this case the company jet Dream Aircraft TundraIt designed for road and unimproved fields, and to take off his missing only about 100 meters. The plane is very light, has enlarged the wheel chassis, powerful engine and an impressive capacity. In Canada (and not only) Tundra is very popular among fishermen, hunters, every public service workers: forest protection, fire services, Rangers.

The aircraft from the designer: Dream Aircraft Canada, STOL Engine

Given the fact that the aircraft can be put not only on the wheel, but also can be equipped with floats and skis, and the aircraft is irreplaceable in rough terrain and remoteness from civilization. We will not dwell on the performance characteristics of the aircraft, they can be found on the Internet, for instance, only one, the plane is very simple, unpretentious and well deserves the title of "workhorse" in remote areas.


Designer Men's

 The first sets of semi-finished parts for assembling aircraft appeared in America in the 30s of the last century. In the period of rapid development of aviation, the American aircraft designer Bernard H. Pietenpol He designed a lightweight two-seat aircraft, which called Air Camper - Air Tourist. Easy-biplane parasol was completely wooden, assembled from pine and spruce slats, plywood and fabric, it was so simple that it could muster in his shed any carpenter or joiner. The only thing that could make a simple hard worker, so it is, of course, the engine, the chassis and some metal welded assemblies.

The aircraft from the designer: Dream Aircraft Canada, STOL aircraft side view


So, enterprising Americans invented to supply all necessary components of domestic aircraft building enthusiasts. Since Air Tourist enjoyed great popularity, PietenpolSimply did not have time to fulfill all orders. Even he built in 1933 year for aircraft production plant did not give the required amount. Perhaps it was then Bernard Pietenpolu and I had the idea to sell semi-finished products. The idea came to mind ordinary Americans, set for self-assembly cost no more than a simple car, and it could afford the most average American. In fact, the customer only buy the engine, wheels, and some sophisticated power units. Wood and plywood, in those Goths in all US states was enough, and according to the drawings and instructions to assemble the fuselage and wings were no longer difficult. In a simple barn, garage, on the distant farms, simple-poor Americans began with a passion to collect their personal planes.

The aircraft from the designer: Dream Aircraft Canada, STOL wingThe aircraft from the designer: Dream Aircraft Canada, STOL aircraft BochinThe aircraft from the designer: Dream Aircraft Canada, STOL aircraft cabin



American - on a plane!

If the USSR, 20-30-ies was a popular slogan "Komsomolets Plane" in America in those years it was a popular slogan - "the average American aircraft!" Yes, now every American could afford not only a cheap car, but its own aircraft. Helped Aviation and the US administration. Homemade plane began to refer to the category of "experimental", its certification and testing took place under the simplified scheme, and after a simple detour, Homebrew received the right to fly on your creation anywhere and any number.

The aircraft from the designer: Dream Aircraft Canada, STOL Front Plane


 Since then, airplanes and helicopters, the so-called Home Built - Home construction began to use not only in America but also in other countries, is very popular. Advantages of the whale-collections are obvious: you only pay for materials, parts and engine. All work on the assembly and certification of aircraft overflight you assume. This means that the cost of such a kit is much lower than the cost of the cheapest airplane factory assembly. Even now, in our time of crisis and financial difficulties around the world, Kit Planes remain profitable acquisition for those wishing to fly on your plane or helicopter.


Ruslan and his team

Now many companies produce their kits for home construction. And not only firms producing finished planes and helicopters, but there are firms that specialize only in production kit Plane. Such firms are constantly in contact with the customer, provide it with all necessary information, advice and help to offer additional assistance in the form of various workshops. They will help you to learn the skill of riveting reading drawings and other intricacies of aviation.

In fact, no team Ruslan Andronov then and there. Of the permanent employees of the company engaged in the assembly kit sets of planes and helicopters, only two: himself and Ruslan Dmitry Nastevih. In some cases, when the workload is very large, or the need to speed up the assembly, Ruslan invites assistants, usually of the same high-class specialists, like himself, people who love the sky and aviation.

The aircraft from the designer: Dream Aircraft Canada, STOL Dmitry


Ruslan Andronov is a military aviation engineer, a helicopter mechanic Mi-8, a pilot, a man of the highest order and pedantic. The assembly hangar, which Ruslan built specifically for the assembly of aircraft, resembles a hangar of the best Western films. Everything in its place, everything is adapted for convenient and comfortable assembly. In the hangar, heated floor, air system with twisted hoses hanging from the ceiling, so that the pneumatic tool can be connected at any point of the hangar. There is a dining room with a kitchen, a cloakroom, a relaxation room with beds, and, of course, a toilet, a wash basin with hot water. Everything is provided for long battery life. Half of the hangar is occupied by the spray chamber. It is quick-release and airtight, so you can paint and build at the same time. Places in the chamber are enough to place in it entirely the wings, or the fuselage of the aircraft. The own compressor can simultaneously provide operation of the pneumatic tool and spray guns.

The aircraft from the designer: Dream Aircraft Canada, STOL The assembly team


In general, the assembly shop Ruslana made a striking impression on me. His forethought and "imprisonment" under the assembly, painting and finishing of any light aircraft.

When we arrived at the airport, where the hangar Ruslana, it was already half-assembled Tundra. It is necessary here to add a few more words about this remarkable aircraft. Aircraft Tundra designed by aircraft designers BombardierHe passed all the tests and purge in the European research center. The aircraft has an excellent takeoff and landing performance, and is positioned as a STOL. For the manufacture of kits for self-assembly Tundra aircraft, a Canadian engineer and created a company Dream Aircraft Canada. Indeed, the dream flight was very successful. With a powerful motor, having a low weight of the structure itself, the aircraft has an impressive load capacity and good performance characteristics.

The aircraft from the designer: Dream Aircraft Canada, STOL Engine Features


In this day and Ruslan Evgeny SmirnovHaving finished the work with the stabilizer, the engine began to hitch. By the way, Evgeny Smirnov, the customer and the owner of the aircraft, a frequent guest at the airport. And he did not come to check, and to participate in the process. Thus, Jack will be familiar with the whole construction, and operation in the field in Karelia (namely, there Tundra and will fly), will be able to maintain itself, and make a small current repair if necessary.

Dmitry on this day ended primer of the second wing, and prepared it for the finish painting.

Dmitry NastevichAs Ruslan, universal man, in addition to the assembly, riveting, any machine tool works, it is engaged in design and painting techniques. He has painted dozens of aircraft, motorcycles, cars. For many of them design developed itself Dima. In its portfolio a lot of sketches, drawings, colored ready devices throughout the CIS.

The aircraft from the designer: Dream Aircraft Canada, STOL Dmitry


Working with Dmitry, Ruslan is able to offer customers not only highly professional assembly of aircraft, but also the creation of an individual image of an aircraft or helicopter. According to Dima's sketches, or sketches developed jointly with the customer, the apparatus gets its individuality and uniqueness. Someone wants to have a camouflage plane. Someone, on the contrary, wants to have a bright, memorable coloring, with beautiful, interesting airbrushing on the board, keel or wings. All this guys can do.


Three Ways for aviator

So, if we sum up, for the person who wants to buy the aircraft (helicopter) for personal use, there are three options.

First option - Buy a ready-made plane or helicopter, new or incident. Option the easiest and fastest, but not the cheapest. Having laid out a tidy sum, you get to fly around already certified device, ready to fly.

Option two - buy Kit Plane, that is a set of semi-finished products, but the assembly is entrusted to professionals who have experience, qualifications, tools and a place for assembly and flight of equipment. This option will cost you much cheaper than buying a ready aircraft / helicopter, even if the finished aircraft / already decently flew. But you can participate in the assembly yourself, or control it, even remotely. You will be able to choose the equipment and equipment, the option of painting. Even if you do not have enough funds to install modern avionics, you can, for starters, manage with simple point devices, their minimum.

The aircraft from the designer: Dream Aircraft Canada, STOL aircraft assembly


This option, for example, mid-range, and the average time of receipt of the finished aircraft or helicopter.

Finally, version number 3.

You buy a whale kit at a minimum cost and in a minimum configuration. You can even buy the kit in parts: today you bought the tail and put it together. Six months later, a semi-assembled fuselage, then wings, and so on. What can I say, this option is for people capable of feats, and it is advisable to start performing this feat as early as possible. Otherwise, there is a very high probability that your grandchildren will have to fly around the structure you have assembled.

The aircraft from the designer: Dream Aircraft Canada, STOL aircraft on the runway takeoffThe aircraft from the designer: Dream Aircraft Canada, STOL aircraft before take-offThe aircraft from the designer: Dream Aircraft Canada, STOL aircraft flight


How much time you can devote to your garage assembly "pepelatsa"? 2-3 hours a day? So count yourself. On a serious aircraft assembly, such as for example RV-5 or RV-7You need 2500-3000 hours. And it's a given that you will have all the necessary tools, materials, equipment, slipway, and most importantly - a place for assembly.

В YouTube walking roller, about the average American, who in his garage collecting plane of a set of 9 (!) years. With quite a good wealth, he simply did not have enough time on your hobby. In rolling out its offspring, going all the provincial town.

Which way would you prefer - you decide. In any case, there are both pros and cons, but the result is the same: you will have your own aircraft.


Valery Smirnov reviewed the options for assembling a personal aircraft for you and for the portal. Photo by the author.

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