Plane Messerschmitt Me-163 «Comet»
Plane Messerschmitt Me-163 «Comet»

Airplane Messerschmitt Ме-163 "Comet"


Only aircraft Me-163 several modifications to participate in hostilities (more than ten).

Upon receipt of the signal of the approach of enemy aircraft to the protected object rocket fighter taking off, gaining a high speed necessary to attack height. After a brief battle since engine inoperative at an aerodynamic fighter pilot to land at the airfield.


me 163


The first flight of the Me-163 aircraft took place in the summer of 1940. Each of its modifications had its own characteristics that improve this or that quality. Changed the engines. The characteristic difference of Me-163 from other fighters is the absence of horizontal tail unit, large midship, large specific load on the wing. The pilot was protected by an armored plate of thickness 15 mm, in addition, the front armored glass was also a protection, the thickness of the glass was 90 mm. Armor plates were also installed on the sides and behind the pilot's seat. Swept wing. The plane took off the wheeled cart. After detaching the plane, it was dropped. Landing was carried out on the ski, installed under the fuselage.


me 163 b


By plane Me-163 «Comet" was mounted engine Walter RII - 211-Series HWK 109-509 1700A with thrust kg.

Plane Me-163 different versions were armed with guns. Less 163 «Comet" was equipped with a built-in guns 2x30 mm MK-108. A prototype of the Me-163 BV-2 20 had two guns mm in service - Mauser MG 151 / 20, 100 ammunition shells. Can accommodate one gun 50 mm - SG-500 (smoothbore). On some versions of aircraft Missiles there.

The aviation industry in Germany produced, and other model aircraft missile, but they did not take part in hostilities. There were built about 320-163 Me copies and copies 36 349-Va.

Martial victory aircraft Me-163 were still modest. US first bomber was shot down in July 16 1944 years 24 August shot down four US In-17. One of the best pilots, who fought on the Me-163, was Major Robert Oleynin - 3 victory (In-17).

Fighter Me-163 destroyed enemy aircraft often when fuel was worked out and the plane to land on the aerodynamic as - planned with the engine off.

At the end of the war, the operational Me-163 fighters, technical documentation, and experts fell into the hands of the allies in the anti-Hitler coalition. So A. Lippish was in the United States. UK got 12 copies rocket fighter Me-163, France - 4, Canada - 2, Australia - 1, USA - 5.

Soviet troops during the occupation of factories received Dessau components and aircraft. Research work with the Me-163 in the USSR lasted until the middle of 1946, the flight-test.


Technical characteristics of the Messerschmitt Me-163 "Comet" aircraft:


  • Crew: 1 people
  • Length: 5,70 m
  • Wingspan: 9,33 m
  • Height: 2,75 m
  • Wing area: 18,5 m²
  • Weight empty: 1 905 kg
  • Curb weight: 3 950 kg
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 4 310 kg
  • Engines: 1 × jet Walther HWK 109-509A-2
  • Link: 1 × 17 kN


Flight characteristics:


  • Maximum speed: 960 km / h 
  • Landing speed: 170 km / h
  • Practical range: 200
  • Flight duration: 8 minutes 
  • Ceiling: 12 100 m
  • Rate of climb: 3600 m / min, 4860 m / min 10020 m / min
  • Wing loading: 213 kg / m²
  • Thrust-to-weight ratio: 0,42


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