Tu 22 M3
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Tu 22 M3. Description. Characteristics. A photo. Video.

The Tu-22 M3. Description. Characteristics. A photo. Video.



Tu 22 М3 is a strategic multi-mode supersonic bomber-carrying bomber designed to hit a target on the territory of the enemy, which is a deeply modernized version of the TU 22М2 with significantly enhanced combat and defensive capabilities. Development of an OKB A.N. Tupolev was conducted from 1974 year, and 20 June 1977, the first test flight. The aircraft entered service in the Air Force in 1978 and was produced before 1993 by the Kazan Aviation Production Association (CAPO). The release of TU 22 M3 was limited to the agreement on the reduction of strategic offensive weapons SALT-2 and for the entire period 268 units of equipment were released. 


Tu-22 M3 photo

Tu 22 3 M2


Tu-22 М3 in a number of indicators significantly exceeds its predecessor Tu-22 М2, in particular, in speed mode - the car can reach a maximum speed of up to 2300 km / h, increased tactical range of 14-45% (depending on the flight mode) and combat effectiveness. 


Tu-22 M3 photo

Tu 22 3 M444

The technical characteristics of the machine significantly exceeds its foreign counterparts. The practical range of TU 22М3 is 7 thousand km, the cruising speed is 930 km / h, the maximum 2300 km / h, the maximum lifting weight of the machine can be 124 tons. 
Key design features of the aircraft are in the geometric variability of the wing, in the all-moving vertical stabilizer and single-fin tail assembly, made of aluminum alloy. The wing consists of a swivel arm, which can be set to sweep angle, depending on the speed, 200, 300 and 650, and the stationary part of the whole.

Rotary wing aerodynamic components are protected by the ridges that help protect the console from overflowing air. By deflected horizontal tail, you can duplicate the cross controls when emergency situations associated with their failure.

Tu-22 M3 photo

Tu 22 3 M34343


The aircraft is equipped with two NK-25 turbojet engines, developing power with an afterburner up to 25 thousand kgf. The power plant is controlled by the ECUD-25 electrical system, and in case of its failure, a redundant hydromechanical system is provided. The internal tanks of the aircraft with a total capacity of 50 thousand liters are located in the keel, center section, in the movable and fixed part of the wing and in the central part of the fuselage.


Tu-22 M3 cabin

Tu 22 M3 cabin

Tu 22 M3 cabin


Onboard TU22M3 equipment consists of navigation and piloting of the complex, allowing the aircraft to automatically make a flight on a predetermined route, sighting and navigation radar system, RAP means by which made radar reconnaissance, jamming, notification of irradiation radars, the release of heat flares and reflectors , IR station provided for the crew alert approaching enemy missiles.


Tu-22 M3 scheme

Tu 22 3 M444

The combat equipment of the aircraft may include: three supersonic air-to-ground missiles, ten aeroballistic missiles to destroy enemy ground targets, as well as up to 12 tons of conventional or nuclear bombs located in the fuselage and on the external sling. The aircraft is also equipped with defensive armament - the GSh-23 cannon with a rate of fire of up to 4 thousand rounds per minute.
TU 22 M3 is still in service with Russia. In 2008, the aircraft successfully performed combat missions during the war in South Ossetia, delivering targeted air strikes against enemy bases and ammunition depots.


TU-22 M3 characteristics

Modification   Tu-22M3
Wingspan, m  
  maximum (65 degrees)   34.28
  minimum (20 hail)   23.30
Length m   41.46
Height, m   11.05
Wing area, m2  
  maximum (65 hail)   183.57
  minimum (20 hail)   175.80
Weight, kg  
  empty   78000
  normal takeoff   112000
  maximum take-off   126000
Fuel Weight, kg   53550
engine's type   2 DTRDF NK-25
Thrust, kgf  
  formless   X 2 14500
  afterburner   X 2 25000
Maximum speed km / h  
  on high   2300
  near the ground   1050
Cruising speed, km / h   930
Practical range, km   7000
Combat radius of action, km  
  at supersonic speed   1500-1850
  at subsonic speed on the ground   1500-1650
  at subsonic speed along a mixed profile   2410
Practical ceiling, m   13300
Crew   4
Armament:  one 23 mm gun GSH-23L
 combat load - 24000 kg (maximum) and
 12000 kg (normal)
 1-3 UR type X-22M
 10 Aeroballistic Missiles X-15


Tu-22 M3 video

Military aviation

back fire, in our regiment they interpreted it as a plywood bull

Tu-22 M3 - a supersonic plane, which is essentially a modification of the original Tu-22. I know all about the original Tu-22 and have some information about the modifications and want to say that I like both in its form and technical characteristics, namely modification. It is much better from their original.
His type of bomber and missile carrier which means that it has a lot of missiles in its arsenal. The original version is simply a bomber, but the Tu-22 M3 well advanced.
He strikes the enemy missiles or bombs. It has plenty of modes, and not since the old aircrafts - just one.
Maximum the aircraft can pull 130000 kg. That's a lot, because even in our time, not every aircraft can lift a weight into the air.
Despite the fact that this modification was created, it is used to this day the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. This aircraft is suitable for many tasks, and even many modern aircraft are not able to overtake him in the specifications.

I agree, you have no idea not only about these, but also about planes in general. 130 tons of combat load? Are you out of your mind? Tu-22M3 can lift only 24 tons of bombs or 3 missiles with a nuclear charge of 7 tons each. You even misspelled the name of the aircraft, aviator.

You generally have no idea about these two completely different planes.

Tu-Tu-22 and 22M (M1, M2, M3) completely different planes! Same they only class.
The pilots did not like the "blind man" for his sometimes unpredictable temper, especially when landing, they fought a lot. And we were in love with BackFire. Especially young people - At the beginning of the takeoff, the steering wheel is away from you, and in the end it is sharply towards yourself and almost a candle!

One of the best aircraft, Tupolev created. The armament of many CIS countries. In Afghanistan itself showed very well. Even in Chechnya used. But in Georgia, the Russian Air Force is not much blundered. Defense could catch him at a height of more than six thousand. In related news, we wrote that it was then, and it ceased to be used at all. But the plane is finite for 70-x was excellent. Not a "pendosovsky" could compete with him.

The Tu-22M3 was put into service in March 1989, which 70s are you talking about?

very interesting


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