The plane killer
The plane killer

The plane killer

In Kazan was held modernization of two aircraft models of "Tupolev" - Tu-Tu-214ON 22M3 (better strategic reconnaissance aircraft and missile, respectively).

legal scout

Over the Kremlin can fly US military aircraft, and the White House and the Pentagon to float our ships. And none of it is not in danger. Together with Canada, the US and many European countries, the Russian Federation signed an agreement on Open Skies. Members of the contract permanently operate flights over the territory of other countries. For these purposes, each state has its own specialized planes, but, despite this, our best.

"The Americans are jealous of our TU-214ON", - says Vladimir Medvedev, deputy chief designer of surveillance systems "Open Skies" Company "Vega". Digital cameras are installed only on upgraded TU-214, and other countries still use only a film.

The aircraft is able to fly and photograph objects from a height in 3 km, which have dimensions 30h30 see. In terms of the agreements can not fall below, but if you wish and with the permission of the ceiling, you can take pictures up to 8 see the details. The other "weapons" Scout locator is side-view, his infrared equipment and allowed the resolution of three meters. Shooting is automatic, operators sufficiently in the desired configuration to include hardware.

At the same time on an airplane can operate 5 operators. Each workstation is used to control a specific means of observation. Above each is on two monitors. They show route surveillance, map location and field of view. Second outputs to review images until they are black and white, but are colored during processing. With a standard flight at this resolution is acceptable to make a frame for the 1957 10,5 hours of standard flight, and all information is treated in a ground complex.

Members agreement on Open Skies monitored constantly to survey carried out exclusively on the territory controlled by the country. For this reason, all the hatches for a special aerial reconnaissance equipment has to seal and close the doors. Designers Tu-214ON did not even bringing out a special switch plane, which de-energizes the locator. Now after another the size of our "friends probable" in the contract first of all rush to it and check the seal.

"Carcasses" model 204 before airplanes were fine, but the update has made them even more perfect. Therefore, in our time, they were exposed to significant modernization. New items are installed in the equipment of the complex monitoring, internal layout altered appeared reinforced chassis.

The maximum take-off weight of the aircraft was increased to 110 kilograms, and the flight range was up to 750 km. The safety system has received cardinal changes: now the engine is capable of operating up to 7200 minutes in emergency mode.

Rudders and height, flaps and slats, flaps-chassis and other design elements on the Tu-214ON made of composite materials. Thus it was possible to facilitate the aircraft weight and extend its operation by as much as twenty years.

"Carcasses" scare Americans

Legal Intelligence - is, of course, is good, but the main power of the Air Force is represented by warplanes. Along with the modernization of the Tu-214ON happening now updated Tu-22M3, which is a long-range supersonic bomber with variable geometry wings.

 “It was originally created as a“ killer of aircraft carriers ”, which is why the American military were so afraid of them,” says Andrei Lyadov, deputy director for repair and production.

Carriers in the US - the main striking force, and some of our "carcasses" are guaranteed to quickly sink any one of them. This improved Tu-22M3 new jamming system can go on the "hunt" in the Oceans and alone produce a combat mission.

 In our time, experts are engaged in the improvement or replacement of almost 90% bomber systems. Two aircraft were already transferred to the Air Force, one is waiting in line at the hangar for painting, and by the end of 2015, it is planned that several more missile carriers will come into service. At the same time, the flight performance of the glider proved to be the best (they do not require any modifications). On the rearmament of the killer aircraft at the factory does not apply.

The main task is to improve combat effectiveness through the use of new radio equipment and an aiming system, as well as modernization of weapons. Specialists are doing everything to improve the combat qualities of the aircraft.