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Green Plane

Green Plane


After the appearance of aircraft in the sky, and most importantly, after their use in air battles, the Air Force of all countries realized that much depends on the painting of the aircraft. First of all in combat one of the main tasks of the pilot was not only to destroy or capture the enemy, but also not to harm the ally. For this purpose, the Air Forces of different countries began to apply camouflage and insignia on airplanes. The latter were applied to the wings and fuselage. Each country, regiment and division they were completely different, which made it possible to distinguish the enemy from an ally. But practically on all planes there was camouflage.

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They were mostly two colors - blue and green. They have survived until now, we have changed only shades and variations. Blue stained bottom plane to the ground, he was hardly noticeable, and it was painted green upper part - low visibility from the air. Depending on the regiments, occupation (fighters, bombers, etc.) and the time and paint colors succeeded each other.

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Soviet Union


At the beginning of World War II, the main for the USSR fighters were green and brown. Used a lot of shades and put mostly not a solid pattern, but stained. 

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In the middle of 1943 years in the aviation wing of the Red Army entered the aircraft with a new color, which replaced green and black. New camouflage regulated "masking color scheme of the aircraft." New coloring fighters consisted of two colors: dark gray and gray-blue. Pe-2, have-2, IL-2, Yak-6-2 UT and painted in light brown, green and dark gray.




Japanese military aircraft with the beginning of the Pacific War did not have any colors. As a rule, it was the color of natural duralumin. But during the war with China, some aircraft ("Kawasaki Ki 32" and "Mitsubishi Ki 21") were painted in a special camouflage - on top of uneven stripes of brown and olive-green colors, below with a light gray color.  

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When Japan entered World War II, almost all aircraft began to paint in spots or stripes of olive green. In this way, the secrecy of the aircraft on the underlying surface was maintained. 

The fleet's air vehicles also initially painted in a light gray color, but after some time they began to use camouflage dark green. The plane was green. 




Before 1940, the German twin-engine fighter Bf 110, as bombers RLM 70 / 71 / 65, painted in black and green. But during the French campaign in 1940 year, top aircraft repainted in a gray-green, and the fuselage and sides - a light blue tint. RLM 70, RLM 02 and Bf 110 a pale green color. Olive green have been widely used in 1941 year. A striking example of this color is considered RLM 80.

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In the late summer of 43, new types of coloring were proposed for the RLM 81 and RLM 82 (olive brown and dark green), but the industrial crisis that had begun prevented the rapid introduction of these inks. 


The most famous airplanes of green:

  • Sioux 25UB - applied the standard camouflage scheme of three color: 2 shades of brown and 1 - green.

  • IL-2 - almost entirely painted in green.

  • Dynam C47 Skybus - several aircraft painted in green.

  • F-14A - delivered to Iran planes were painted in three shades of green and brown colors.

  • Fokker FI Werner Voss and Pfalz D.III Alois Heldman are two legendary German fighters of the First World War period. 

  • R-Z - the entire series aircraft painted in a green color with a yellow tinge.

  • F-4J - only copy (No.61-55800) in a series that has been painted green.

  • Ju 52 - standard fighter of the Luftwaffe coloring: dark green and green.

  • DynamA-10 - few copies were painted green.

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Today, most military aircraft also have a standard camouflage pattern, consisting, as a rule, of green, brown and blue colors. However, green is also used in passenger aviation. True, in this case there is nothing to camouflage. A striking example was provided by the airline S7. Back in 2006, she re-branded and painted all of her planes in bright green.  

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