Zenith Aircraft
Zenith Aircraft

Zenith Aircraft


Not long ago, the airline "Russia" and the football club "Zenith" presented a new airplane that will carry out the transportation of players on the team. The presentation of this device was held near St. Petersburg, and was at the airport "Pulkovo-2». The plane has a new team paint scheme in the style of a football club.

At the presentation of the new Zenit plane, a forward of the Hulk football team was present. The aircraft itself is a reliable vehicle of Airbus. This model Airbus A319 carries out a constant transportation of the team for the matches. The machine has its own on-board VQ-BAS number. The main feature of the machine can be called its appearance, namely the coloring. A lot of variants were invented, but in the end a contest was held for the best drawing for the fuselage of the aircraft. Due to the vote of fans in social networks, the best coloring options were selected. But the final version was chosen directly by the FC coach. After the decision was taken, the drawing was slightly modified. The figure itself was created by a resident of Volgograd S. Skrebnev. The whole process of painting the device in team colors was carried out only for 12 days in the Netherlands. The plane Zenith carried out its first regular flight from St. Petersburg to the airport in Moscow.

The cost of painting the aircraft "Zenith":

  • More 200 kilos of paint of different colors.
  • Nearly a ton of solvent.
  • 800 paper stencils of different sizes.
  • About 200 kilometers sandpaper for cleaning and polishing body airliner.

Director of the airline noted that this machine except transport players will also carry out other flights for passengers. This will attract the attention of customers to the airlines as a team, and the football club. Therefore, everyone can fly on this plane. This type of partnership is mutually beneficial to all.


The presentation of the plane of the Zenit football club was a great and large scale in the middle of November 2014. But still the presentation began with the old tradition of Pulkovo Airport, namely, the passage of the car under the water arch, which was created with the help of fire engines. After that, there was a rewarding fan of a football club, which created the design for the aircraft. A special feature of the presentation of the aircraft was the completion of the presentation, when, instead of the usual reception, journalists were invited to the cabin where they offered a standard menu, as well as for football players. It should be noted that there are several types of dishes to choose from, which consist only of healthy and healthy food. 

Most recently, the airline "Russia" announced the launch of a new project in social networks, which is called "Flight Map of" Zenith ". For this project at the beginning of each week will be published a list of cities where you can meet the plane "Zenith". This project is launched because of the huge number of fans of the club about the whereabouts of the liner. In parallel, a photo contest is held, according to the rules of which you need to catch a plane in your city and capture it on the camera. The winner of this photo contest will be awarded prizes from FC Zenit and the airline. This contest is quite massive due to the popularity of the team and the aircraft itself, which the people christened as "Zenith".

Also, since the beginning of the summer 2015 excursion program was launched on the aircraft for the children, who are passionate about sport and are winners of creative competitions. The first tour was timed directly to the International Children's Day. Young winners of the art contest were able to go inside the aircraft, which fly their favorite football club. Samu tour holds an airline pilot and flight attendant. Recently, the airline together with the club "Zenith" spends a lot of shares involving "Zenitoleta."

It should be noted that the very airline "Russia" in recent years for its high quality service for passengers and pays great attention to safety. Due to this, the company is currently one of the ten best airlines in Eastern Europe.

Flied on it in 2016 year from Krasnoyarsk to St. Petersburg.