Airplane yellow
Airplane yellow

Airplane yellow


It should be noted that the planes are painted to reduce visibility for military purposes or to attract the attention of civil aviation. In this case, you can use a variety of colors and patterns.

Nowadays, airliners for civil traffic are painted in a variety of colors at the discretion of airline owners or on request. First of all, passenger planes are painted in different colors in order to distinguish them from the others or to advertise their own company. It is also possible to put on the airplane some significant events or upcoming events to attract customers. As for military aviation, a yellow plane can hardly exist, since all attack aircraft have a specially designed color to reduce the enemy's visibility.

During the Second World captured some planes that were captured by the enemy and painted in yellow. As regards domestic aircraft that time, they may have elements with a yellow coating, usually this was a wing or tail. For fast and high quality repair of the aircraft, our designers were stained with the fuel system of combat vehicles in yellow.


Today, among the large number of aircraft of different airlines can meet airplanes with the most unusual coloring, which can speak volumes. For example, to mark the company's cooperation with Lufthansa and Boeing in 2010, one of Boeing brand aircraft was painted by a special scheme, which celebrates the anniversary of cooperation. Similarly I entered and Aeroflot in the early 2013, when in honor of the anniversary have created their own aircraft with a special color scheme of the body. Very often the anniversary airlines use the older vintage color scheme.

The largest number of colors and patterns of planes can be seen only in air sports, which uses a huge number of colors and their combinations for a brighter highlight his administration. Some major airlines support sports teams in football, rugby or any other sport, and they can be put on board their passenger ships the color scheme of the team.


Most airlines hold permanent color scheme of its aircraft in order to make them more recognizable in the world, while advertising itself airline. Generally these schemes are presented with stripes of different lengths, which can have different width and color. Sometimes just the name of the airline can be applied to the fuselage.

Aircraft for transportation of Heads of State or other political figures are often painted in the national colors of the country they represent. In this case, the jet can have a variety of colors.

As for the yellow aircraft, the most famous airliner is the device of the company Nippon Airways, to which they have inflicted images of Pokemon. This was done before the premiere of this cartoon. Also, more recently, Saratov Airlines have expanded their fleet with new models of aircraft type Embraer-195, which are also painted entirely in yellow.