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Company Zenith Aircraft Company specializes in the supply of kits for self-assembly of experimental (amateur) aircraft, which are involved in sports and recreational flights. Lineup aircraft is very extensive and can meet all requests. The company offers a set of elements for self-assembly of two-seater with excellent flight performance at an affordable price. The aircraft ZODIAC is an excellent choice for novice pilots and professional athletes.

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ZODIAC first was built in 1984, and since that time has earned the trust of many fans of light aircraft. Management will seem easy, even for novice pilots, and the ability to perform complex tricks add thrill experienced pilots.

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ZODIAC CH 601 HD is the continuation of the legendary ZODIAC CH 600, designed in 1984 by designer Chris Heinz as an available training aircraft. Among the improvements is to highlight the increased dimensions of the luggage compartment and a more spacious cabin in 44 inches in width. As part of the basic equipment is an electric trimmer, winged luggage compartments, hydraulic disc brakes, tinted glass cabin, etc. The device was designed with the wishes of the pilot-athletes, so it has simple control, ideal flight performance and low landing speed.



  • ZODIAC CH 601 XL is the latest model to be improved specifically for the Sport Pilot category. She got new wings with flaps, increased payload and a new canopy.

  • ZODIAC CH 601 HD - the basic version of the aircraft, based on the original plane of CH 600, 1984 released in, with the purpose of initial training piloting technique. This model is able to withstand overloads +/- 6 G on the total weight of the structure, which allows the operation of motors in the power range of up to 65 115 l. from. Accessibility and ease of assembly has made it a joyful purchase for beginners and experienced pilots.

  •  SUPER ZODIAC CH 601 HDS with smooth, tapering high-speed wings allow the sports version of the ZODIAC to fly at speeds of 135 miles / hour, even using the 80 l engine. with. These are excellent flight characteristics.

  • Superlight modification of aircraft ZODIAC CH 601 (UL) is in the category of Advanced Ultralight, which is used in Canada and other countries. This model is known as the best option for use as a low-cost flight simulator for entertainment.

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The latest model of Zodiac CH 650


Is the light sport aircraft, which was built based on the Zodiac CH 601 XL and is designed primarily for use in the categories of Sport Pilot / Light Sport Aircraft. This model of aircraft has received a lot of new features, among which the larger cabin space and modern exterior design.

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Similar to other aircraft models sold only as a set of self-collection. Also, the leaders of the industry are presented ready-assembled machines. But this option is where the big money.

plane zodiac

Advantages of the design:

  • The functional test of time (from 1984 city).

  • Standard Three-axis control.

  • All-metal housing made of aluminum alloy 6061-T6.

  • New electric flaps and ailerons wide.

  • Steerable nose wheel.

  • Disc brakes, hydraulic.

  • The nose strut self-depreciation.

  • Advanced design of the cab.

  • Removable wings.

  • Free access to the cockpit from both sides.

  • It is possible to use different types of engines.

  • It comes with detailed drawings and assembly instructions.


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