Aircraft millionaires
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Aircraft millionaires

Aircraft millionaires. Aircraft rich people.


 Today, in the world of the rich and famous people, in the world of sports and show business, you will not surprise anyone with expensive cars, ocean yachts and personal islands. Bankers and businessmen, politicians and movie stars, TV moguls and all sorts of metal kings, prefer to flaunt their luxury by acquiring expensive, elite supercarialiners. And really, what could be an indicator of luxury and prosperity in the world of luxury? Only a very expensive plane with your name, or the name of your company on board. Of course, for many business people, a private jet is far from luxury. High-speed comfortable airliner, necessary for long-haul flights across continents on business trips.

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He's now becoming a home, office, study, in the general point of business management around the world. Equipped with all conceivable and inconceivable means of communication, the Internet, a command center allows for a moment not to lose the reins of his empire.

Aircraft richest people

 For athletes, fashionable musicians, cinema - and TV stars, an elite plane is more likely a means to show the whole world that you have taken place as a successful person, that you are not a loser, and you are in the top of the rich people of the planet.

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 Many of the stars themselves manage their air assets. It is officially, having a license pilots. Harrison Ford, John Travolta, Morgan Freeman fly the planes themselves. Angelina Jolie is undergoing a pilot license course. And such examples of many. Leonid Yakubovich flies regularly on his Yak-18T.

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 But the truly symbolic of success is becoming an expensive, piece airplane, often converted from a serial one, to the taste of its future owner. The cost of such an aircraft can be more than doubled from its serial passenger counterpart. Cabinets, bathrooms, saunas and gyms, kitchens and bedrooms, the imagination of the owners knows no bounds. Expensive varieties of wood and leather, gilding and the rest of the arsenal of luxury contain celebrity planes.


                  The most expensive and elegant aircraft in the world.


For the oligarchs, and the powerful of the world aviation industry offers the most expensive, fast, long and comfortable aircraft. And of course, they are the most expensive in the world. This usually piece orders.


The most "cool" in terms of technology business jet. 12800 flies away. without landing, comfortably transporting 8 elite passengers.


  • 2.Gulfstream G550 (59,9 million. Dollars.) description

  World record holder. Flying 13521 km in 14,5 hours. Convenient for those who want to fly around the world in one day.


  • 3. Boeing Business Jet (55,5 million. Dollars.) description

It is almost a luxury car. From 20 50 before people can be accommodated comfortably. You can oborodovat and office and bedroom and bathroom. For fans of air receptions and parties.


  • 4. Bombardier Global Express XRS (47,7 million. Dollars.) description

Though old (year 1993) but is still considered the most luxurious aircraft in the world, in its class.


  • 5. Dassault Falcon 7X (41 million. Dollars.) description

It is the leader of Dassault Falcon. As "Stalin falcons" of the Soviet past, it flies higher, faster, further than other aircraft of the company.


 These are the "toys" for world celebrities now in fashion.


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