Japan Aircraft
Japan Aircraft. The history of aircraft development in Japan.

Japan Aircraft. The history of aircraft development in Japan.

The development of aviation in Japan is due, above all, the intensive development of the industry in 20-century and the isolation of the island country, which allows the use of only two types of transport for communication with foreign countries: ships and aircraft.

In the development of the country played a major role, and the aviation industry, but this article is only available 7 the most significant projects of various Japanese companies.

1. NAMC YS-11 - This is a twin-engine turboprop aircraft for flights of small and medium length. The aircraft developer was Nihon Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation.

  • Getting Started 1962 model year and lasted until the release of 1974 years.
  • All were released 182 aircraft.
  • The crew consisted of the pilot 2, the cabin could accommodate 64 passenger.
  • The aircraft is equipped with a power plant.
  • 1 turboprop Rolls-Royce Dart Mk-542-19k, power 3030 hp
  • Cruising speed. 454 km / h.
  • Flight distance 2250 km.
  • Maximum lift height. 6820 m.

It was the most successful project of passenger airliner to carry passengers.



2. The Mitsubishi MRJ is a jet plane designed by Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation.

  • The first flight is scheduled for 2015 year, and mass production in the year 2017.
  • The basic models shall be MRJ70 and MRJ90.
  • Airliner MRJ70 calculated on 70-80 people, MPJ90. 86-96 people.
  • Flight distance MRJ70 .1480 km, MPJ90. 2590 km.
  • Maximum cruising speed .830 km / h.
  • Power point . 2 engine Pratt & amp; Whitney PW 1217G.

MRJ90 1MRJ90


3. Honda HA-420 HondaJet - twin-engine jet aircraft.

  • Developed by Honda Aircraft Company.
  • Getting Started 2011 year.
  • Salon is designed for 8 passengers.
  • Cruising speed. 790 km / h.
  • Flight distance 2037 km.
  • Power point . 2 turbofan engine Ge Honda HF120.
  • Main aircraft deliveries scheduled in the United States.
  • It belongs to the category of business jets, equipped with jet engines.

Honda HA-420 HondaJetHonda HA-420 HondaJet 2

Honda HA-420 HondaJet

4. The Mitsubishi F-2 is a multipurpose fighter manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Lockheed Martin. The first flight was carried out in 1996 year, and the mass production started 2000 year, Designed for the armed forces of Japan.

Available in several versions:

  • - XF-2A, single-seat fighter;
  • - XF-2B, two-seat fighter;
  • - F-2A, training fighter;
  • - F-2B, 2-seater fighter training.
  • The crew 1-2 pilot 2124 Top speed km / h.
  • Range fighting. 834 km.
  • The maximum ceiling height. 18000 m.
  • Powerplant .1 engine General Electric F 110-Ge-129, turbofan.
  • Armament: 20 mm gun JM61A1. Air-to-ground missiles, ASM1 and ASM2, GCS 1 bombs.

Mitsubishi F-2 323Mitsubishi F-2

Mitsubishi F-2

5. ShinMaywa US2 - amphibious aircraft for rescue operations on the water. The first flight was made in 2003 year, and mass production started 2007 year.

  • The crew consists of 11 people
  • Salon is designed to carry passengers or 20 12 injured.
  • The maximum speed is. 560 km / h.
  • Range fighting. 4700 km.
  • Ceiling climb. 7195 m.
  • Distance of takeoff from the water surface. M 280, 330 m planting.

ShinMaywa US2 1ShinMaywa US2

ShinMaywa US2

6. Kawasaki P-1 - aircraft designed for patrol flights over the sea

  • The first flight took place in 2007 year, and mass production started 2013 year.
  • Firm developer Kawasaki.
  • The crew is 2 person.
  • The cabin can accommodate up to 11 passengers.
  • Maximum speed 996 km / h.
  • Range fighting. 8000 km.
  • Ceiling climb. 3520 m.
  • The power plant engine -4 IHI Corporation XF7-10, turbofan.
  • Armament: bombs weighing 9000 kg missile AGM-84, Harpun, ASM-1c, AGM-65, AAM-4.
  • The total number of beacons -100 pieces.
  • Other weapons: torpedoes MK-46, GRX5, mines, depth charges.

Kawasaki P-1

7. Mitsubishi MU-2 - turboprop twin-engine aircraft used for civilian and military purposes.

  • The first flight was made in 1963 year, and production curtailment program proizoschlo1986 year.
  • The crew consists of 1-2 pilots. The cabin can accommodate 4-12 passengers depending on the size of the cabin.
  • Maximum speed 547 km / h.
  • Range fighting -2334 km.
  • Ceiling climb. 9020 m.
  • The power plant engine 2 Garret TPE 331-6-251 1M, turboprop, power 776 hp (each).

Mitsubishi MU-2