Aircraft without wings
Airplane without wing: whether the design is possible and whether to fly without wings plane?

The airplane without wings: Is it possible to design and whether the aircraft to fly without wings?


No matter how pathetic it may sound, airplane without wings not such a crazy idea as it might seem at first glance, especially since Development of the aircraft without wings which was conducted by the Belarusian inventors have already finished, and the plane went very well all the proposed tests.



Certainly, the question arises, what has caused the creation of an airplane without wings, because the conventional design used all these years, did not interfere. However, if you delve into the technical details of the aircraft, it certainly should pay attention to the fact that the angle of attack of almost any aircraft, except for a number of military, is not more than 13 degrees, while airplane without wings It has an angle of attack in 19 degrees, and this value is not a limit.

Note that airplane without wings should be understood not in the sense in which we are accustomed to - in fact, the wings of the plane there, but in modified form, is more like a hybrid. Such construction allows the wings to increase the angle of attack of the aircraft, thereby increasing its flexibility.



Development of the first airplane without wings ended in 2009 year, but today, it was picked up, many aircraft manufacturers. A typical example is the airliners of the future, which should appear in 2050 year. Note aircraft are not large, but in fact they do not have wings, which seriously reduces their design and reduce size.



Among other things, airplane without wings It has a number of advantages:

  1. It can easily take off and land with a relatively small airstrip;
  2. Aircraft without wings It has a greater angle of attack, which increases its maneuverability;
  3. Significantly reduces the cost of production of the aircraft;
  4. To some extent it can increase flight range due to the fact that increases the volume for receiving fuel.



However, for modern passenger airplane without wings was able to start its first flight, you must carefully model the entire process. This is due primarily to the fact that the first prototype of the aircraft, the same one that has been designed by Belarusian inventors had a relatively low speed flight, and how it will affect air machines whose speed exceeds 800 km / h, still remains a mystery. It is possible, you may need a modification of the design, making it a very belittling to the fuselage.

Quite possible that in the near future will present the design of aircraft without wings, the more that the trend in the aviation industry can be considered very promising and trend.


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