Plane without pilot
The aircraft without a pilot: a Soviet fighter flew over 900 kilometers?

The aircraft without a pilot: a Soviet fighter flew over 900 kilometers?  


A unique incident of its kind happened with a Soviet multirole fighter Mig-23 in 1989 year - a plane without a pilotControlled exclusively automation, able to cross half of Europe.

July 4 1989 years, the Soviet multipurpose fighter Mig-23 took off from the airfield of the Polish city of Kolobrzeg, and run a pilot, he had to work out a series of maneuvers that simulate a combat situation. Suddenly, there was a strong cotton in the air intake and the speed of the plane beginning to fall sharply, as a result, the pilot decided to eject, after deploying the aircraft towards the Baltic Sea.



After landing, the pilot of the aircraft could not believe his eyes - his battle fighter not only fell, but continued the flight without the direct presence of the pilot. Ground service sounded a report that a few seconds after the ejection of the pilot, the plane increased speed and continued the flight, which was right after a fantastic situation in its own way.

In view of the fact that the airfield, from where it departed the plane was near the state border of Germany, and after the collapse of its expected did not happen, approximately at noon, the plane crossed the borders of other states. Almost immediately sounded alarm, and the sky were raised fighter fighting NATO forces. During the next few minutes, military aircraft approached the Soviet MiG-23, but NATO pilots could not believe what he saw - it was a plane without a pilot. The announcement of this was immediately transferred to the military air base, which caused far less surprising. It was originally supposed to land military plane by threat of destruction, however, a plane without a pilot inexpressibly surprised commanders persons after giving the order for forced landing nobody. Nevertheless, NATO pilots received another notification - accompanied by a Soviet aircraft throughout its flight, and in the case of any unexpected action from the "unmanned" Mig-23, knock it down.



The main hope of the Air Command was the fact that "stray" Soviet aircraft, having spent his fuel would fall in the English Channel, thereby causing harm to anyone from being on the ground. In automatic mode the Soviet a plane without a pilot I climbed 12 thousand meters, and the speed of his flight was about 460 km / h, so that any hostile intentions of his almost completely been eliminated.

Further, the event with the Soviet aircraft have evolved quite rapidly - flying about 900 kilometers a plane without a pilot He began a gradual decline - it was the end fuel. Almost completely lost speed, the Soviet a plane without a pilot I fell flat on the farm, causing the building was almost completely destroyed, and as a result lost son of the farm, and only narrowly escaped the death of other people are not far from the place of incident.



It is also interesting that the alliance rather calmly reacted to the number withdrawn from the case, reproaching the Soviet Union only in the fact that the command has not informed the neighboring states of emergency situation occurred. As it turned out, the reason that a plane without a pilot 900 was able to overcome the order of kilometers, it was the automatic response system afterburner, as a result, the plane did not have time to accelerate to the maximum speed of the current, and reduce engine thrust, which led to a decrease in the speed of the military and the subsequent Soviet fighter pilot bailout.



It is assumed that a number of factors contributed to the situation, since the Soviet automatics developed in those years did not provide for anything like this. 


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