Aircraft Business Aviation
Aircraft Business Aviation

Aircraft Business Aviation


Commercial aviation It is an integral part of civil aviation, and today this segment is on a very strong note of what can be measured by regularly appear new models of passenger aircraft small roominess. The aircraft business aviation are a number of differences over conventional aircraft involved in the civil air transport:

  • A small capacity;
  • Average distance flight performed, as a rule, rarely exceeds a distance of 4 thousand kilometers;
  • The presence on board of special features, such as mobile telephony, Internet access, etc.

There are other differences, but we should primarily focus on business aviation aircraft themselves.



The most popular business jet aircraft en today are the ones that tend to be designed to 6-8 passengers, which in turn provides the most comfortable air transportation at minimal cost for the maintenance of the aircraft. Very, very popular Gulfstream business jets such as Aviation, Hawker, Cessna, Phenom, LearJet, Challenger and others.

The aircraft business aviation in addition to its attractive appearance and reliability, should also have a very comfortable lounge, and in this respect, manufacturers offer the most luxurious options that are sure to enchant any businessman ready, not to mention ordinary passengers flying on regular flight.



Note that the planes of business aviation have a very spacious interior that allows you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of complete tranquility. Typically, the interior of an airplane cabin has a spectacular finish, but in addition, there is also a special sound absorbing and protection, making himself almost imperceptible flight for passengers.



Aircraft Business Aviation, as a rule, are equipped with a number of special systems that can improve the performance properties of this class of aircraft, improve the safety of flights carried out, etc.

On the territory of the Russian Federation to find business aviation aircraft is also far from a rarity, because among other things, Russia has its own airline, who are engaged in the business aviation sector, and it is worth noting, that uses a very impressive success.

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