Planes on hydrogenic fuel. Prospects of German scientists
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Planes on hydrogenic fuel. Prospects of German scientists

Planes on hydrogenic fuel. Prospects of German scientists


German scientists have decided to start to equip planes hydrogenic fuel cells. A number of studies conducted by scientists in May this year, gave a positive result, especially since this fuel will be an inexpensive and environmentally friendly, but it is currently expected to be equipped with hydrogenic fuel cells extremely light aircraft, but 2030 year, the system can be installed and for large civil aircraft.



At its core, hydrogenic fuel is hydrogen, which is entering into a chemical reaction of electrolysis creates energy that can then be controlled by special systems. Currently actively developed implementation of hydrogen fuel in the land transport modes, but a number of innovative discovery will arrange hydrogenous fuel cells in aircraft, at the same time without any loss of power, speed, etc.


Hydrogen fuel in the aircraft. From past to present


Not everyone knows that the first attempts to transfer planes to hydrogen fuel had been taken back in 80-ies of the last century, and, for this has been developed not only the theory, but the engines have passed bench tests and showed good results. Initially these engines were equipped Tu-155, which are, in essence, experimental models of passenger airliners Tu-154But due to the collapse of the USSR, all studies were suspended. Subsequently, in the year 2008, Aircraft, Boeing conducted a series of tests with hydrogen engines, installing them on the small-engine plane, and this time the results were also very good, but to be a major problem in the development of rapid and inexpensive fuel.



MANUFACTURED opening of the German scientists, includes no less important thing - the researchers from Berlin managed to find a way to mass production of hydrogen to fill hydrogenic fuel cells, and, novelty is interesting in the sense that in fact does not require any cost.

It is assumed that the Germans will be able to start in the first light-engine planes sky on hydrogen fuel is already within 2-3 years, but up to this time is to solve the most important problem - ensuring flight safety caused by extremely strong flammability of hydrogen.


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