Dmitry Samoilov. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.
Dmitry Samoilov. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.

Dmitry Samoilov. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.



Born Dmitry Samoilov 31.12.1922 in the city of Kokand Ferghana region (Uzbekistan). His father was an employee. The life of the population on the southern outskirts of the Union at that time was very difficult, because in 1931, after his father's death the family moved to the suburbs, the city of Elektrostal.

Being 9-th class, in 1939 Mr. Dmitry I enrolled in the flying clubWho graduated a year later, and in the same, 1940-m, was enrolled in the Kachin flying school. After the initial training the staff of the school were sent to summer camps, which were near the village Apma-Tamak.

Dmitry Samoilov. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo. 1


Samoilov recalled: "I was on duty on the table sat, peel potatoes the night flashed a searchlight over Sevastopol, were clearly visible in the sky breaks anti-aircraft shells, but what is going on, we did not know early in the morning they announced the general alarm and told us... the beginning of the war.

All instantly sent to the airfield, aircraft and disperse in haste to construct for them caponiers ".

Soon flying school evacuated in the Volga region. There the students continued their studies, mastering UT and UT-2-1, Then switched Nauta-4, and then began to fly on I-16. The training course in September 1941, was completed, and after all the exams awarded the rank of sergeant. By the time the command was already clear that the German "blitzkrieg" stalled, and the war will be long.

Therefore, the whole issue, it was decided to send in Grozny on additional training. There were about a thousand people - graduates of many fighter aviation schools.

Dmitry Samoilov. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo. 2


In April 1944 Mr. Samoilov took a candidate member of the Party, and in April 1945-of flight training was finally passed, and graduates awarded the title of lieutenant. Dmitri, as one of the best graduates, left the instructor at the school.

 Like most pilots, in 1950, Mr. Samoilov was sent to Korea. During the war, Dmitry made 161 flights with a total flight time of more than 128 hours. Samoilov took part in 60 air battles, Which could bring down planes 10. Pilots 523-th regiment was committed 3765 missions, which conducted air battles 106, 105 them US aircraft were shot down. His loss was 16 and 6 MiGs dead pilots.

Dmitry Samoilov. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo. 3


A few weeks after returning to their homeland, the flight crew were issued long vacations, and the pilots went home. Before leaving, they were informed that in the capital they could receive military awards, and they should contact the award department. Samoilov received in addition to orders and medals the title of Hero.

Further, Dmitry served in the Far East, there are 2 mastered new types of aircraft: MiG-17PF and Su-7. He ended his career as a lieutenant colonel.


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