Cheapest air tickets
The cheapest tickets for air operators. loukosterov world

The cheapest tickets for air operators. loukosterov world


The cheapest air travel tickets are dreamed to buy by everyone traveling on air transport. Of course, in some cases this kind of flights are, of course, more comfortable, but because of the high cost of air transport still does not enjoy such a huge popularity as ground. Nevertheless, there are a number of airlines that offer air flights at incredibly low prices, which can be compared, and even then not always with travel on land transport. Companies selling the cheapest tickets for air travel are called loukosterov, which literally translates as "budget value".


The cheapest tickets for other operators in the world



Today, among the leaders in loukost-air transportation is the air operator "Ryanair", the cost of flights which is incredibly low because of the special approach to the organization of air traffic of passengers. Naturally, for a low ticket price one should not expect increased comfort, but considering the fact that you can save up to 70-80% on the cost of an air ticket from an ordinary airline, it's really impressive. Nevertheless, the airline "RyanAir" though offers the cheapest air tickets, but provides very comfortable services in passenger transportation, offering modern airliners, but with a restriction on the weight of the baggage carried, the impossibility of returning the ticket, etc. Most passengers do not need these services, but the opportunity to save money on air tickets really claims.



Total to date in the world emit 17 loukosterov, the average cost of air travel in which, as a rule, does not exceed the mark of 120 euros. The list includes such airlines as:

  1. Air Arabia (UAE);
  2. Air Lituanica (Lithuania);
  3. Air Asia (Malaysia);
  4. Condor (Germany);
  5. EasyJet (UK);
  6. EuroLOT (Poland);
  7. FlyBe (UK);
  8. FlyDubai (UAE);
  9. GermanWings (Germany);
  10. Monarch (UK);
  11. Niki (Austria);
  12. Pegasus Airlines (Turkey);
  13. RyanAir (Ireland);
  14. TUIFly (Germany);
  15. Thomson (United Kingdom);
  16. Vueling (Spain);
  17. Wizz Air (UK).


All these airlines have the cheapest air flights in the world, and by using the services of low-cost airlines, you're bound to win in the price.


The cheapest tickets for air operators in Russia



Until recently, the Russian Federation loukostery absent, and the appearance of the first of them was marked in 2014 year. The first Russian loukoster implements the cheapest air tickets to destinations around the country, is called "Dobrolet"However, because of the sanctions entered by the EU and the US, the carrier was forced to suspend its activities, having existed for only a few months. After a few months, the airline "Aeroflot" announced the restoration of the Russian loukostera "Dobrolet" but under a different name "Dobrolet Plus". Nevertheless, it is worth noting that over time any information on this air carrier does not appear, but at the same time, the airline "Aeroflot" has started registration of another, previously announced by the air carrier under the name "Budget carrier"Whose activities should be developed, starting from October 27 2014 years. At the moment it is not known whether it will be equivalent replacement has completed its work loukostera "Dobrolet" or as its complement.



The prices of the cheapest air operators interested in absolutely everyone, and it is worth noting that each year around the world, this trend continues to grow, leading to the idea that further there will be new-loukost airlines offering their services.