The fastest aircraft in the world
The fastest aircraft in the world

The fastest aircraft in the world


Our age of speed and competition, sometimes makes you wonder, and What is the fastest plane in existence?

In this article, we will try the most complete and unbiased answers to this question. First we need to define the terms.

For the plane will take the product serial controlled pilot and having two wings, stabilizers, and other attributes of the fuselage of the aircraft. NASA's 2004 of the pilot project conducted a test X-43A jet, which has a top speed 11230 km / h, according to the results of tests NASA, together with the book of Guinness were quick to call it the fastest aircraft in the world. In fact, this drone, released in a few instances to be run on board the plane and the other is used as the engine rocket launcher, so you can not call it a plane.



The fastest aircraft in the world


Of the modern military manned aircraft, the fastest is the American strategic supersonic reconnaissance aircraft SR-71 Blackbird blackbird, named so because of the dark blue color of the fuselage. This futuristic facility was operated until 1998, due to high operating costs and low reliability, in total 12 out of 32 aircraft were lost, then the operation ceased. The maximum recorded speed of the SR-71 Blackbird developed - 3540 km / h. Which is a record for today. Thus, we can say that the fastest speed of the aircraft It is today - 3540 km / h.


SR-71 Blackbird

What is the fastest plane

It should be noted, Soviet fighter MIG-25 According to the pilots could easily develop speed, though short-term, up to 3600 km / h, which is almost 200 km / h more than the SR-71. But because of the speed of international rules it has not been officially recorded, the record was for the SR-71 Blackbird.

Next on the list is the Russian SU-31 long-range interceptor fighter. This aircraft was developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau back in 1979 and was put into service in 1981, and has been successfully operated to this day. The maximum speed of the SU-31, in accordance with the technical documentation, is 3000 km / h. But according to the assurances of the pilots, he is capable of more.


F-15 American aircraft 4-th generation develops speed - 2650 km / h;

the fastest speed of the aircraft



PAK FA-50 contemporary Russian prototype 5- generation to develop - 2600 km / h




SU-27- Classic Soviet fighter 

Design speed - 2500 km / h.





XB-70 "Valkyrie"

XB-70 "Valkyrie"

Designed for the needs of the US Army, it can carry a nuclear warhead. Considered one of the fastest bomber in the world. Maximum speed - 3187 km / h. all were released 2 One unit.





Was in the period from 1969 to 1985, is one of the best combat aircraft. The maximum speed is 3000 km / h.





Domestic fighter-interceptor with a long range. Designed to intercept and eliminate enemy aircraft at different altitudes, at any time of day and in any weather. The highest speed is 3000 km / h.






This bomber was developed back in 1960. Its main purpose was to carry out reconnaissance and conduct electronic warfare. The maximum speed of this vehicle is 2655 km / h.




Fastest passenger plane

the fastest passenger plane

From the Civil Aviation palm of speed, divided Soviet TU-144 and the Franco-British draft Concord. Design speed T-144 2500 amounted to / h against 2300 km /, from Concord, but because of the fact that TU-144, almost did not make passenger transport nomination most fast passenger aircraft necessary, Concord hand, which made for many years a regular air service, before the ban on its use in 2000 year.

Thank you! The first time I see the answers to all the questions that have arisen and may arise in the process, in one place in a single article

SU-31 is a SPG with a 31mm gun ?? The Su-31 is a sports aircraft, obviously referring to the MiG-31. In an article that claims to be "the most complete and impartial answer," this is unforgivable nonsense. Of the "modern military manned aircraft" the fastest is considered to be the aircraft of the mid-1960s and has not been flying for more than 10 years. In general, it would be worth mentioning the X-15, although I do not consider it a full-fledged aircraft, since it was launched from under the wing of a bomber.

One friend told the pilot that the tests after repair Mig 31 it accelerates to 4000, the comrade observed earlier fiction nonsense!

What's in there ... SU-31? Chukchi non-Russian, a bunch of errors ...

written here a moment 31 3000 can reach speeds of kilometers per hour but I heard that he develops 3390 mph

Mig31 fastest fighter interceptor.

more precisely 3395 km / h and the MiG-25, "made legs" from the rocket over Israel, and did