Penalties for the GSS. A blow to the Russian aircraft industry.
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Penalties for the GSS. A blow to the Russian aircraft industry.

Penalties for the GSS. A blow to the Russian aircraft industry.


Just the day before at the disposal of several media were data that Company "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" is currently experiencing major problems with the supply of components needed to manufacture passenger planesThat, in turn, shows that the sanctions entered Western Europe and the United States, contrary to the assurances of the government to act.



Thus, all of the same information, the aviation resource it became known that the French company is already half a year does not make the supply of computer technology, used in airplanes Sukhoi SuperJet 100. If initially this problem did not stand in a sharp way, at the present moment, when the stock of components has practically dried up, it is to be assumed that domestic passenger aircraft will not be able to take off, not to mention the multimillion-dollar contracts that are currently concluded with several world air carriers. In turn, representatives of the company "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" noted that in reality there is no threat, although the refutation that foreign suppliers of components continue to cooperate with the company have not been announced.

At present, this problem is seriously alarming, as the government previously allocated "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" more financial aid, and at the moment, all the money can simply be unused, and according to experts, this is due more to the fact that, despite a large experience in the field of aviation, Russia has not succeeded in establishing their own systems for aircraft, or at least, it is not adjusted properly.



Among other things, there is also the fear that another partner of the company "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" may stop supplying the hydraulic system in the production of the aircraft, which in turn will only exacerbate the current problem.

Another risk factor is the very production of new Russian passenger airliners MS-21Which, though it has not been officially announced, and according to experts using foreign components and assemblies, and in the event that anti-Russian sanctions intensify, should we assume that the production of these aircraft may be delayed for a few more years.



Nevertheless, experts believe that there is a way out of this situation, and in fact it is quite simple, and consists in the need to move to the production of absolutely all nodes in the country. Of course, in some situations problems may arise, in particular, this applies to electronics systems, but given the rich experience of working with this Chinese partners, the problem as such is absent. It is possible that in this situation the production will be somewhat out of the time frame, however, in the future, the influence of Western countries will be very limited and will not affect the domestic civil aircraft building industry.


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