Saratov Aviation Plant
Saratov Aviation Plant

Saratov Aviation Plant

SAZ (Saratov Aviation Plant) - a former aircraft manufacturing company in Saratov, which operated until 2011. Produced aircraft Yakovlev experimental design bureau - the historic fighters of the Great Patriotic War Yak-3 and Yak-1Passenger Yak-42, Yak-40, Yak-38 (deck-mounted aircraft with vertical landing and take-off (VTOL) as well as helicopters and aircraft of other design bureaus.

SAZ (Saratov Aviation)

History of the plant

The period before the war and the Great Patriotic War

A decision was made in the establishment of 1929 Saratov factory for the manufacture of agricultural machinery. On the basis of this production it was subsequently established aircraft plant. The date of foundation of the Saratov plant harvesting, and later the Saratov Aviation Plant is officially 1931 year.

The staff of the factory in the first six years of hard work has made a large share in the development of agriculture in Siberia, the Volga region and in the Far East, producing more copies of 39000 hlebouborochnoy technology. Because of the threat of a military attack on the Soviet union Saratov Combine Plant in 1937 was redirected to issue aircraft, received the name "Plant № 292 NCAP."

The first aircraft took off from the airfield of the 28.10.1938 plant - it was the P-10, a high-speed reconnaissance aircraft, which had an enormous speed for 370 kilometers per hour for aircraft of its class.

Saratov Aviation Plant

And-28, fighter design Yatsenko V.P. In July, 1939 made a test flight. It was the first aircraft in the Soviet Union with an air-cooled engine, which, at an altitude of 5000 meters, showed a speed of 576 kilometers per hour.

The plant in June 1940 in the three-month period was tasked to start the serial production of the Yak-1 fighter created by Yakovlev A.S., while still a young aircraft designer. The first three copies of the Yak aircraft in October 1940 took off.

Saratov aircraft manufacturers from the beginning of World War II worked hard, supplying fighters to the front. In 1943, during the nighttime raid, German bombers destroyed 70 percent of the plant’s production area. The staff of the plant continued to work in the open. Along with this, the hulls were restored, reorganization was under way, conveyor-flow lines were created, and after eighty days of hard work, the production of aircraft reached the previous level. In total, during the war, the plant produced more than 13 thousands of Yak-3 and Yak-1 fighters.

Saratov Aviation Plant

The second half of the twentieth century

After the war, cooperation Yakovlev and Saratov Aviation Plant continued. 19.04.1946 was first tested Yak-11 trainer aircraft.

The 30.04.1949 plant tested the La-15, the first jet fighter designed by SA Lavochkin. It had an unusually small weight, as for a jet aircraft - only 3850 kilogram, maximum speed - 1026 kilometers per hour, was relatively light in control.

28.05.1952 The Mi-4, a helicopter designed by the Mikhail Mikhail design bureau, has passed the final factory tests, and since December 1952, the plant began mass production of this helicopter. Mi-4 was widely used in the national economy of the Soviet Union as sanitary, passenger, for work in the Antarctic and the Arctic, and for extinguishing forest fires. On the Mi-4 was set seven world records. In Brussels at the World Exhibition this helicopter was awarded a gold medal.

The decision to start production at the Saratov Aviation Plant 11D (B-750B), a guided anti-aircraft missile, which was part of the first mobile C-75 SAM developed in the Moscow design bureau Fakel under the direction of P. D. Grushin was taken at the beginning of 1956 of the year. The first SAZ-produced rockets in the 1959 year were tested successfully and their export began (mainly to armies of foreign countries). The first militarized launch of the rocket took place 07.10.1959.

Saratov Aviation Plant

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