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For a long time man dreamed of learning how to fly. As you know, even the ancient Chinese were the first to imitate birds. They created and launched kites into the sky. But for many centuries people failed to achieve serious success in this area, and only at the turn of the 15-16 centuries the Italian Leonardo da Vinci developed prototypes of many aircraft: a helicopter, a balloon, a parachute and an airship. It's been another 400 years before his insights have come to life. At the end of the 18 century, the first balloons were launched into the sky, and at the beginning of the 20 century a real turning point occurred in the comprehension of the secrets of the flight. More information about all events and other information you can tell our official air site.

It's no secret that the first hot air balloons rising into the sky because of light gases. They are filled with hydrogen, helium or hot air, and due to their density and density of air, they went up into the sky. However, their administration has not been thought through thoroughly. The first aeronauts could only manage altitude cooling / warming gas filler, dropping ballast, but they just flew in the direction of the wind.

At the end of 18 century in France, the Montgolfier brothers launched the first hot air balloon flight, which was filled with hot air. A little later we invented controlled blimps, equipped with steam engines. So gradually it developed aviation. And our other site will help you learn many fascinating facts.

The prototype of a modern aircraft is considered to be a non-motorized glider, the brainchild of the Wright brothers. In 1849, George Cayley created and tested the first glider, and thanks to the development of an internal combustion engine, it was possible to begin the creation of primitive airplanes. And only in 1903 the first airplane with a gasoline engine was launched into the sky. He was launched into the sky by Americans Orville and Wilbur Wright. They managed to fly 36 meters. The first aircraft had a wooden frame and weak engines, so there was no question of flying long distances. But after five years, the brothers managed to break their own record, breaking 125 meters. Our official website will tell you many more interesting facts from the world of aviation.

In the period between the first and second world wars, aviation actively developed thanks to the military developments. Then there were many brave men who set new records, risking their lives. For example, Louis Bleriot flew across the English Channel. Arthur Brown and John Elcock crossed the Atlantic. Mr. Getty and the US Post flew around the globe, spending on this eight days. The crew of G. Baydukova, Chkalov, Belyakov flew from Moscow to Vancouver via the North Pole.

Air official website.

All lethal devices, which are lighter than air balloons called (for example, dirigibles and balloons). Helicopters, airplanes, gliders, kites, parachutes and gliders are heavier than air and can fly thanks to the aerodynamic lift force. If you're constantly visiting our site air and subscribe to his newsletter, you know it well.

Nowadays, balloons and gliders are used for active recreation and educational purposes. Most often, lovers learn to fly first flight on a hang glider, hosted on exactly the same principle as a glider. Regarding the balloons, then they can be seen at the competitions and special shows. Some enthusiasts can not install them on records. For example, recently, one of them managed to circumnavigate the globe non-stop. Reading our other official website, you will learn about what the person in question.

It is impossible to overestimate the role of aviation as a means of freight and passenger traffic, and military aircraft. If you are interested in the subject, our site will care for you very interesting!