Assembling model Hindenburg
Assembling model Hindenburg

Assembling model Hindenburg


To build a paper model of the Hindenburg Zeppelin LZ129 a scale 1 200, we need to:

ordinary scissors;

Mounting Construction knife;

the cutting of the airship on 59 pages;

several sheets of cardboard 1 millimeter thick;

PVA glue;

sided adhesive tape;

Scotch double-sided;


All items must be cut and glued very carefully. Frames and elements of the keel must be pasted on cardboard 1millimetr thickness for a rigid structure airship.

Assembling the paper model of the Hindenburg Zeppelin LZ129 to scale to 1 200 consists of the following stages:

1. Translation instructions and video tutorial creation

2. Cutting frames and keel

3. Cut shell elements

4. Installation of the longitudinal frames to the keel

5. Installation of additional cross frames in the front and rear of the airship

6. Mounting sheathing

7. Installation of elevators and rudders

8. Installation of the gondola

9. Mounting Chassis

Following these nine steps, you will receive a replica of the most famous in the world of the airship. More detailed instructions for the assembly, more video tutorial you can see below:



Also important it is to calculate the volume of a sphere, which will raise the airship into the air

Calculation of the ball, lifting the airship into the air:

The equilibrium condition

mdg + = ρvgVsh mshg

G constant factor out of the brackets and shorten its

Mg + = msh ρvVsh

Define what constitutes the mass of the ball

Mg + + msdsh ρgVsh = ρvVsh

VIII = Mg + msdsh / ρv-ρg;

Where Mg - mass of the airship;

msh - mass of the ball;

ρv - air density;

VIII - the volume of a sphere;

msdsh - the mass of the deflated balloon;

ρg - density helium.

The calculation can be seen that in order to raise our dirigible balloon in the air is necessary, helium inflated diameter of about one meter.

After pumping the balloon with so much helium and attaching the airship on shock-absorbing stretching (rubber bands) from above to the balloon, and from below to a moving object, for example, a car or bicycle. Thus, by placing an advertising poster on the airship, you can ride with it through the streets and thereby advertise your products or earn money from advertising from an external source. The length of the rubber bands should be chosen depending on the height at which you want your airship to fly, but no more than 3 meters, since trolleybus trolleys and other high-voltage wires are often located above, besides, it is desirable to somehow drive through tunnels and under bridges ...