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Fuel Reset: British Airways said the captain

Q Captain British Airways: When planes dropping fuel?


QuestionI always wondered why at the present time aircraft make an emergency landing, do not reset the fuel. After the crash, many people can survive thanks to modern safety features on board the plane, but die later after the collapse of a fire or carbon monoxide choking on smoke.

Response: Do you think that the pilots are aware of the inevitability of the crash and did not try until the last second to avoid it. This is not true. It is worth remembering that not all aircraft are equipped with an emergency fuel dumping system.

Even if the crash happened, from burns or smoke dies a far smaller percentage of passengers than the majority of publications claim. In accordance with the statistics of the NTSB, the passengers, who were a major crash - are much more likely to survive.

Reset Aircraft fuel before landing

QuestionQ: What happens when the pilot fuel dumps? It disperses and evaporates later? And where there is usually prescribed to do over land or over water?

Response: Yes, if necessary, the fuel is discharged through a special nozzle, which scatters it into the smallest drops. Dumping of fuel itself is allowed only in specially designated places. To minimize exposure to residential areas, we also must not harm people on the ground.

Reset Aircraft fuel before landing

QuestionIn the past almost all the aircraft models have been equipped with emergency fuel dumping system, but in today's aircraft models, the system is usually absent. Why engineers abandoned the security of the system and whether it has a decent alternatives in modern aircraft?

Response: Modern aircraft in contrast to their predecessors are equipped with an emergency landing at an excess weight that gives pilots the opportunity to produce an emergency discharge of excess fuel. After a landing aircraft is thoroughly tested in order to solve these problems and make sure that the plane is fully functional and ready to fly.

Reset Aircraft fuel before landing

Reset Aircraft fuel before landing