Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer. A photo. Characteristics
Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer. A photo. Characteristics

Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer. Photo. Characteristics.


United Kingdom

A type: Twin-engined piston transport aircraft, general purpose

 Capacity: Two pilots and sixteen passengers

Designed by experts in producing aircraft short takeoff and landing of "Scottish Aviation» (Scottish Aviation) at the beginning of 1950-ies as the heir single-engine vysokoplana "Pionir» (Pioneer), a much bigger aircraft "Twin Pionir» (Twin Pioneer - double "Pioneer ") after the first appearance in 1955 year was in large-scale production. Nevertheless, during the period of 1956-1964 years 87 was built only copies of the aircraft, most of which are under the designation SS and SS 1 2 hit the Royal Air Force.

The first order of the Royal Air Force was 20 aircraft, which in 1958 were delivered to the squadron No. 78 in Aden. Then 19 aircraft were purchased, which were intensively operated by the overseas contingent in Bahrain, Singapore and, of course, in Aden. The aircraft was used to perform a number of general tasks, including dropping paratroopers (could carry eleven fully equipped paratroopers) and as a sanitary (could carry six stretchers and five seated injured or medical personnel). The reduction in the budget led to a decrease in the overseas contingent, and the Twin Pioneer plane was deemed superfluous and decommissioned at 1968.

Several British companies exploiting new aircraft for civilian purposes, and a number of aircraft SS and SS 1 2, served in the Royal Air Force, and was in a civil case. Today, only one of them in the UK remains in a state of airworthiness - a former Royal Air Force aircraft modification SS 2 tail number XT610 / G-APRS, operated by "Air Atlantique» (Air Atlantique). Other potentially ready to fly items can be found in Australia.

Basic data


Length: 13,8 m

Wingspan: 23,33 m

Height: 3,74 m

Aircraft performance characteristics:

Maximum speed: 266 km / h

Flight range: 1287 km

Power point: two radial engines "Leonid» 531 company "Elvis"

Power: 1280 l. from. (950 kW)

The weight:

Empty: 4630 kg

Maximum takeoff: 6628 kg

Date of first flight:

June 25, 1955

Remaining airworthy modifications: Twin Pionir 3 (SS 2) 

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