You do not praise yourself - no one will praise!
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You do not praise yourself - no one will praise!

You do not praise yourself - no one will praise!



The developers explained why the Mi-XNUMHUB is the best attack helicopter in the world. 

October 19, 2017 Yuri Legeydo
"Analogues are always to some extent, but in many respects we are ahead. Especially for maneuverability of equipment, technical characteristics, the operation of the airborne defense complex - on this helicopter it is the most modern in the world, "Boginsky said.
"Especially for maneuverability" - not piloted, but "knows"?

30 December 2016 Modernized Mi-28N has become practically a perfect combat vehicle thanks to the latest technologies, said Alexander Mikheev (ex-CEO) of the association "Helicopters of Russia" (

Senior inspector-navigator of the navigational aviation management service of the 4 Army of the Air Force and Air Defense of South Ossetia Colonel Sergei Gorshunov: "We can say that this is a flying tank. If you use guided missiles, a pair of helicopters can disable from four to eight tanks, "concluded Gorshunov.

Even steeper, only in Syria did not apply, tk. ATAD "Ataka" is obsolete to such an extent that even against the dense Soviet tanks proved to be unsuitable:
“While the rocket goes to the target, the operator keeps it on escort, and the pilot must evade enemy fire so as not to interfere with the operator’s work. This, in theory, a missile hits a target at a range of up to five to six kilometers, but in practice it is necessary to get much closer in order to accurately hit a guided missile. Therefore, it is preferable to the usual NAR. Yes, you cannot cope with such missiles with tanks, but for light armored vehicles, for buildings, for field fortifications of a volley of several unguided missiles is enough to destroy the target. But you gave a NAR volley, quickly turned it away and went out from under the fire, ”the officer explains. ("Crocodiles" without "Alligators" Military Review 4 November 2015). 
ATGM "Attack", it is on the Mi-28UB: ATGM "Attack"! To the general background of armament, it should be added that the gun of the Mi-28, like that of the Ka-50 / Ka-52, is really powerful, but the accuracy is 4 times worse.

"16 December 1976, the CPSU Central Committee and the Council of Ministers of the USSR adopted a resolution on the development of a new-generation combat helicopter that could become a worthy response to a transatlantic opponent (AN-64 Apache). The main task of the prospective machine was determined by the destruction of military equipment - primarily tanks on the battlefield and in the near front line. The resolution provided for the establishment in the design bureaus of N.I. Kamova and M.L. A mile of competitive projects, one of which was to be selected for serial production. "

Milevtsy, in accordance with the decree, modernized Mi-24 in Mi-28, giving it the appearance of the American "Apache", therefore, due to greater drag, the speed fell by 20km / h, although in this case it requires an increase in speed, and not vice versa. Bearing screw and engines - naturally from Mi-24.

Then in contests, despite the hard pressure from the designers of the cost center, Mi-28 lost the "Black Shark" three times in a row, which is not surprising, because the "Black Shark" was projected from the ground up and taking into account the Afghan experience in the combat use of helicopters. Naturally, the Kamovians really wanted their Ka-50 percussion in real combat conditions and finally in 2000. they succeeded: a BUG (Combat Shock Band) was sent to Chechnya as part of the 2-x "Black sharks" and the Ka-29 designator. Helicopters were piloted by test pilots of the Army Aviation. The purpose of the formation of this group was the development of the concept of the use of combat helicopters as a single combat complex within the specialized strike groups (our helicopter gunships in Syria are successfully operating today).

You do not praise yourself - no one will praise!


The assessments are the highest: "Colonel A. Rudykh, Commander of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation:" If we talk about the maneuverability of the "Black Shark" in the mountains, I will give just one example: At the very beginning of January 2001, a group from Ka-50 and Mi-24 conducted reconnaissance in Komsomolskoye-Grushevoye, the Komsomolskoye-Gruzhevoye gorge, identified possible targets: a disguised hitch and a rest house, they were confirmed that these objects were actively used by militants and an order: to destroy targets. "The Shark was the first, and behind it in Mi-24 I walked.

Ka-50 gave a missile and cannon volley through the house, turning it into dust, and I slammed the hitch from the crocodile with a volley of NARs. Immediately after my hit, the most powerful explosion exploded, detonating a large explosives inventory of militants. Most of all I was frightened for the "Shark", flying ahead, as it had no place for maneuver and inevitably fell under the flurry of logs and stones that were thrown out by the blast wave, flew towards. By some miracle, having squeezed everything out of Mi-24, I went up the slope of the gorge. However, my helicopter did get hit and was damaged, but Ka-50 remained completely intact. With a vertical speed of about 30 m / s. he, like a ball, jumped to a height of one and a half kilometers! Already on the base, we agreed that Ka-50 is the same helicopter that is simply sorely lacking since the Afghan war. How many tragedies could be avoided if the helicopters on which we fly could spin in close gorges around their axis, jump through unexpectedly emerging obstacles in the mountains, climb up at a speed three times that which we can hold, and then not for long ". ("Black Shark" - business trip to the war

But, in order to impose on our pilots all the contests of Mi-28, the designers of the MVZ came up with a "convincing" drawback: single-valued! It would be foolish to think of a "flaw", but it worked.
Then in the "Kamov" on the basis of Ka-50 built a double Ka-52. But the commander-in-chief of the Air Force, General of the Army Mikhailov, was impregnable on this issue: "If all Helicopter units are planned to be equipped with Mi-28N helicopters, Kamov cars will be delivered only to those helicopter units that carry out special operations." And Mi-28H and then was not ready, so willy-nilly in the army began to arrive Ka-52. And then "Night Hunters" began to fall, which again promoted the advance of the "Alligators" in the Army and showed them the best side. Then, willy-nilly Milev technical junks had to move.

In Syria "Alligators" confirmed their high potentialities, and Mi-28N - its weak proficiency and, most importantly - unreliability (for 2year - 2pensions for constructive reasons, killing two high-class combat pilots). But who will win this time: interests in protecting our state or corruption interests - time will tell!


Vitalii Belyaev.