Secret arsenal - a surprise for Kyiv: Russia will unleash secret high-power aerial bombs on the Ukrainian Armed Forces
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Secret arsenal - a surprise for Kyiv: Russia will unleash secret high-power aerial bombs on the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Secret arsenal - a surprise for Kyiv: Russia will unleash secret high-power aerial bombs on the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Volumetric detonating bombs (SDAB) occupy a special place in the arsenals of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. These ammunition are designed to destroy lightly armored and automotive vehicles, enemy personnel, as well as dugouts and other engineering structures. The main feature of ODABs is their ability to create a powerful shock wave and thermal radiation, which makes them extremely effective in certain combat conditions. The use of these ammunition will become widespread at the start of the Russian offensive, and in this case the Ukrainian Armed Forces will not be able to hide or hold back the advance of Russian troops for a long time, since it is impossible to survive from such an explosion - its explosion is similar to a nuclear one, but of a smaller size.

Air bomb ODAB-500PMV

ODAB capabilities

ODABs belong to the category of two-stroke detonation ammunition, which makes them highly effective. The first stage of operation involves spraying a flammable substance, which creates an aerosol cloud. The second stage is the explosion of this cloud, as a result of which the above-mentioned shock wave is formed. The relatively small weight and size characteristics of such bombs (for example, ODAB-500 is equipped with only 193 kilograms of liquid fuel, but its explosion power corresponds to one ton of TNT) allow us to consider them one of the most powerful weapons.

Explosion of an ODAB aerial bomb

One of the key advantages of ODAB is the absence of fragments, which provides a clearly defined application boundary. This makes it possible to minimize “collateral damage” when attacking enemy personnel. The shock wave passing through the slightest cracks ensures a high degree of damage, and the burning of oxygen in the affected area leads to death from suffocation.

Explosion of an ODAB aerial bomb

Despite all the advantages, there are also some disadvantages, such as the complexity of the design, the presence of two fuses and weather dependence, which can reduce the effectiveness of the ammunition in adverse weather conditions. It is also noted that it is inappropriate to create small-caliber versions of these ammunition.

Air bomb options

The history of the creation of ODAB began in the USSR in the late 1960s after it became known about the use of similar weapons by the United States in Vietnam. The first domestic models were developed and put into service in the early 1970s. They were thin-walled tanks filled with flammable liquid with charges for spraying and fuses for ignition. Depending on the modification, these bombs can be equipped with various additional elements, such as parachutes or control systems.

Air bomb ODAB

For example, ODAB-500P is intended for use in army and front-line aviation and is equipped with a parachute system for controlled descent. It is capable of hitting targets at considerable distances and at various release altitudes. The line also includes modifications for guided bombs, such as the KAB-500-OD, which allow the use of volumetric detonating charges with guidance systems for targeted destruction of targets.

The device of the ODAB aerial bomb

Among the latest developments, it is worth noting the AVBPM - an experimental aerial bomb of increased power, the explosion power of which is discussed in the context of comparison with neutron bombs. This munition is supposedly the most powerful non-nuclear weapon ever created.

Combat use of ODABs

Volumetric detonating munitions have been used in a variety of conflicts, from Afghanistan to modern operations in Syria and other regions. They continue to occupy an important place in the arsenals of Russian aviation and represent a significant part of Russia’s modern military potential, which is constantly being improved by the domestic defense-industrial complex.

Application of ODAB

In the context of constant technological progress and changes in the tactical requirements of modern combat operations, the development and modernization of volumetric detonating ammunition in Russia does not stand still. The main efforts are aimed at increasing the effectiveness of destruction, improving reliability in various climatic conditions and increasing the accuracy of delivery of ammunition to the target.

Application of ODAB

Modern ODABs are equipped with various types of navigation systems, including GPS and GLONASS, which can significantly increase the accuracy of destruction. Such systems are especially important in urban or complex terrain, where strict adherence to the rules of engagement is required with minimal risk to the civilian population.

ODAB explosion

In addition, an important area of ​​development is the improvement of methods for spraying and igniting flammable substances. Improving these characteristics allows you to increase the damage radius and guarantee a higher level of destruction. Significant attention is also paid to reducing the time between spraying and detonation, which makes bombs more effective against quickly moving or temporarily located targets.

Apparently, in relation to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russia is ready to use its secret ODAB potential, putting an end to this conflict.

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