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Civil aviation: what should be expected in 2017 year?

Civil aviation: what should be expected in 2017 year?


Despite the crisis in the Russian civil aviation sector, 2017 year is supposed to be very rich in events in this area, in particular, this should include not only the emergence of new air routes and the improvement of air traffic in the country, but also the emergence of new carriers, the latest presentation Russian airliner MS-21 and others.



2016 is definitely a very difficult year for the entire aviation industry, while, despite the existing difficulties, a number of domestic air carriers were able not only to minimize losses, but even to profit, and this despite the fact that experts predicted significant problems for a number of airlines , including, as small, mainly engaged in local transportation, but also for the largest in the country. Experts believe that the main reason for this is the optimization of passenger transportation activities, which is also proven from the point of view of the development of new route directions, while in crisis situations, airlines, on the contrary, try to minimize routes with low income. Taking this fact into account, it is logical to assume that domestic air operators will continue to intensively develop their route network, both on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.



2017 year will also be a period for the appearance of the country and new carriers, in particular, the available data for the current time, in the northern and southern regions of Russia will be two new airlines, which consequently lead to the widening of the route network and improve the quality of passenger transportation. To judge whether it would be effective operation of new airlines or, in times of crisis, airlines only will bear the brunt of many losses at the moment is not necessary.



One of the most significant events of the 2017 year for the aviation of the Russian Federation should be the first flight of the passenger airliner MS-21. It is assumed that if flight tests of the aircraft are successful, and experts have little doubt about it, then maximum efforts will be made to launch these aircraft into mass production. To date, at the disposal of domestic aircraft builders there is an order of 170 orders for the production of these aircraft, while after the tests, the estimated volume of orders may increase to 250 units.

Nevertheless, 2017 year to Russia's sphere of aviation will remain so rosy as that would like to see, in particular, the experts predict a fall in passenger traffic, which naturally can deliver domestic airlines a lot of trouble, but, taking into account the current situation, still want to believe that flights shedule find a way out of this situation.


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