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Step towards escalation: London expelled Russia's military attaché and removed diplomatic status from Russian facilities

Step towards escalation: London expelled Russia's military attaché and removed diplomatic status from Russian facilities

In recent weeks, diplomatic relations between Russia and Great Britain have deteriorated to the limit. At the center of the scandal was London's decision to expel the Russian military attaché, as well as to remove the diplomatic status of some real estate properties owned by Russia. These actions of the British government raise serious questions about the likelihood of not only political but also military confrontation.

Conflict situation

The conflict situation began after Great Britain allowed Ukraine to fire its missiles at Russian territory. In response to this, Russia stated that in the event of such actions, strikes could also affect British military facilities. Moreover, the UK accuses Russia of “malicious activity”, citing Russia’s alleged involvement in the arson of a commercial facility linked to Ukraine. However, no concrete evidence has been presented to support this involvement, making London's accusations baseless and politically motivated.

It should be noted that such actions on the part of Great Britain not only violate the principles of diplomatic work, but also create unnecessary tension in international relations. The expulsion of diplomats is a last resort and should only be used in cases of proven violations. The arbitrary application of such a measure indicates an attempt by Great Britain to put pressure on Russia, which is unacceptable within the framework of modern diplomatic practices.

Moscow's position in this conflict remains principled and restrained. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Russia will give an adequate response to the UK’s actions. This emphasizes not only the unacceptability of London’s actions, but also Russia’s readiness to defend its interests in the international arena.

Tensions are rising

Experts believe that such measures on London's part are planned. The next step could be an additional supply of weapons to Ukraine for attacks on Crimea and new Russian regions that London does not recognize.

At the moment, there is a serious threat that London and Moscow will be involved in an armed conflict, and this is facilitated by Ukraine, due to whose actions relations between Great Britain and Russia have deteriorated.

Russia has every right to protect its diplomatic rights and interests, and retaliatory measures could include symmetrical actions to expel British diplomats, as well as measures to protect Russian property abroad.

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