Shandong airlines
Shandong airlines

Shandong Airlines (Shandong Airlines). Official site.



Shandong Airlines (Chinese 山东 航空; English Shandong Airlines) is an aviation company based in Jinan, Shandong, China. It is a regional carrier that operates local air flights and regular flights from Yantai, Jinan, Qingdao to the largest cities in China.



Aviation company established in March 12 1994 and started work in September 1994. In September 1997 founded alliance Xinxing (New Star) Aviation Alliance, together with five other regional aviation companies of China. Shandong Airlines owned by Air China and have 10% interest in a Sichuan Airlines.



As of March 2007, the average age of the fleet was Shandong Airlines 6.2 years.

Basic data of Shandong Airlines:

  • Airline country: China.
  • Domestic routes of China from Shandong cities.
  • Year of AK appearance: 1994.


Airline codes:

  • IATA airline code: SC.
  • ICAO airline code: CDG.


Shandong Airlines (ShandongAirlines). Official site:

Shandong Airlines (ShandongAirlines). Official site.


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Personally, I have nothing against the airline, but the fly in the last time I try other carriers. My mother once returning this aircraft, almost a day spent at the airport. Therefore, you can imagine with what impressions she had come to rest. In addition, the mobile was broken, and contact was not possible. We are also waiting for the whole family her at the airport, just at home, you can imagine how much time we were nervous experiencing what all had happened.

Shandong Airlines airline for me is one of the best! So the humane treatment of people is difficult to achieve, even paying for tickets in business class. Here are all open, good-natured, many people I know, because flying is not the first day, at the same time I do not have a bad word. All uniquely well done!

Fly, of course, is terrible enough, but, as for me the planes are the same everywhere, so this company is no worse than the rest. And then. What food is awful, so the plane did not buy a ticket for food and for fast movement between towns and camps, so that such claims from passengers to me quite clear.

When returning to Moscow, the head only thought was that we would not be able to fly. I've even started to mentally say goodbye to all his family. In my pilot it was clearly on the fun, although it can be a life, but it is not very comforting. The plane managed to make such twists that even the most stubborn people started to get nervous at the end of the flight.

Overall, the airline is not bad. Departures and landings are made in due time. On board served food and drinks. Flight attendants are polite, smiling and attentive. Problems with the baggage never had. The cabin is clean, seats are very comfortable. Legroom is more than enough. In principle, the airline Shandong Airlines anything fundamentally different from the other.


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