Shanghai airlines
Shanghai airlines

Shanghai Airlines (Shanghai Airlines). Official site.


Shanghai Air lines - aviation company base in Shanghai, China. Provides international and domestic flights. Base aviation companies - International Airport Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Pudong. Despite the fact that some of the flights are from Hangzhou and Nanjing, it is one of the most centralized aviation companies in China, which operates on the model of «hub and spoke».



The aviation company was established and began to conduct operations in 1985. It is established by the local authorities of Shanghai, as the first managed independently local air company of China. Initially, her activities are limited to domestic flights, but in September 1997 she received government approval for work on international flights. Shares of the company in October 2002 began to sell on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Local cargo flights were launched in May 2004. This is the fifth largest fleet in China. In 2006 established cargo airline company Shanghai Airlines Cargo. With the aircraft Shanghai Airlines for its history has never happened an aviation accident, which makes it one of the safest aviation companies in Asia.

Shanghai Airlines

Shanghai Airlines does not intend to merge with other airlines and has positioned itself as an independent aviation companies from Shanghai.

Shanghai Airlines 12 2007 began officially in December 19-th member of the Star Alliance.

Aviation company Shanghai Airlines 1 2010 November, the official left the Star Alliance and announced its intention to join the SkyTeam alliance in the near future, together with its parent company aircraft China Eastern Airlines.

Shanghai Airlines 21 2011 June year became a member of the SkyTeam alliance, together with the parent company of aircraft China Eastern Airlines.



Shanghai Airlines has made a request for two North American destinations: Los Angeles and Seattle. They also plan to open the first three routes to Europe - to Zurich, Vienna, Hamburg, but the opening of these routes was postponed to a later date from 2008.

Basic data of Shanghai Airlines:

  • Airline country: China.
  • International and domestic air lines in Shanghai.
  • Year of AK appearance: 1985.


Airline codes:

  • IATA airline code: FM.
  • ICAO airline code: CSH.


Shanghai Airlines (ShanghaiAirlines). Official site:

Shanghai Airlines (Shanghai Airlines). Official sayt.2

Shanghai Airlines (Shanghai Airlines). Official sayt.1


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I do not know how come, but more than one flight for which I get a ticket, did not make a timely departure. Is it hard to establish a system to alert passengers. Even if they put a man on the phone, whose main task would be a roll call of clients and the message of the new departure time. Such huge queues at the airport could have been avoided.

Food, of course, during the flight is not offered, but the drinks were constantly around the cabin and during the trip I did not feel. We strongly recommend to make flights of the airline.

It is evident that the staff are really ready and did not want to just get rid of the obsessions of passengers. The flight broke a bio-toilet, so that by the end of the trip it formed a real place, but it's worth noting that the repairs made quickly enough. For that to the company added one more bold plus. I am happy, I hope in the future, the changes will benefit the company.

There flew without delay. In flight, constantly offering drinks, so do not even working air conditioner, could not spoil the positive impression of flight. The food is delicious, and besides, very carefully packaged. Flight attendants are very educated. I liked just about anything!

December 27 2014 years flew flight of the airline. On the flight it took - two and a half hours. Plane few shabby, but the whole interior looks very decent, pleasant flight attendants, speak good English. You can choose to take the cutlets of chicken with rice or fish. I personally took the fish, a normal taste. The choice of a huge number of drinks: soda, juice, beer, water, coffee, tea. This year flew the same flight, but there was a delay of six hours as a result of what we paid 200 yuan as compensation. In general, from the flight left a good impression.


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