Shaykovka long-range aviation
Shaykovka long-range aviation

Shaykovka long-range aviation



Tu 22M3 - One of the most reliable and proven supersonic aircraft of the Air Forces of the Russian army. This multi-ton submarine bomber rolled out over thirty-five years ago. The size of the airmen themselves prefer to call it a ship. He is able to carry on board up to 24 tons of weapons: though, and missiles and bombs that is not as common.

In the Kaluga region of Russia has an inconspicuous, apparently, urban village, whose inhabitants are called shaykovtsy funny and shaykovchanki. Perhaps no one, outside of the region, so and did not know where it is located Shaykovka, if not long-range aviation Russian Federation. The airbase has been here for about the same as years of hard strategic bombers Tu 22M3. We have not mentioned nothing about it in the beginning. Many of these ships was stationed at the airport Shaykovka.

Early morning. At the airbase Shaykovka is preparing for a training flight, but is not yet clear whether they will be held today. The strong wind and rain. However, heavy Tu 22M3 had taxied to the runway, he in any case will make a circle. This board reconnaissance gathering meteorological data, based on which a decision is made: it is necessary today to fly to others or not.

Together with the Tu-22M3, Mi-8 military transport helicopters were “registered” in Shaikovka. From 1992 to 1999, MiG29 fighters, as well as transport aircraft, were located here.

In Shaykovka today there is not a military camp, but two: how to call their own shaykovchane, the old town and the new. Last started to build in 1992 year. After the collapse of the Soviet Union moved here from Europe of the Russian military.


Shaykovka long-range aviation 1

Shaykovka long-range aviation


Nature Shaykovka in the area where a small river flows to shrink, very beautiful.

With long-range aviation Shaykovka due tragic event in modern history. In August, 2008 years during the war in South Ossetia, shot down one of the Tu-22M3. It was piloted by a crew of Shaykovka.

Meanwhile, the long-range aviation in the village live their lives. In 2013 year Shaykovka won the cup "Best Air Group." This challenge cup is awarded at the end of the year, commander of long-range aviation That Russian air group, which recognize the best division YES Russian Air Force.

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