Short Skyvan 3M. Photo. Characteristics.
Short Skyvan 3M. Photo. Characteristics.

Short Skyvan 3M. Photo. Characteristics.


United Kingdom

A type: Twin-engined piston transport aircraft, general purpose

Capacity: Two pilots and space for 22 soldiers

The plane "Skayven» (Skyvan - heavenly wagon) of "Short» (Shorts) began its existence since the adoption in 1959, the decision to create a small general-purpose transport plane with a square cross-section of the fuselage to accommodate non-standard size of cargo. The aircraft was also distinguished by good performance STOL through the use of research results of "Miles" on the high aspect ratio wing - bearing surface of the aircraft "Skayven" were very similar to airplane wings "Aeroven» (Aerovan) of "Miles".

The first Series 1 Skyvan aircraft came into production with the Continuum piston engines GTSI0-520, but soon with the advent of the 2 series, these engines were replaced with the Astazu XII turboprop engines. In the middle of I960, the designers settled on the TR331-2-201 engines of the company "Garret" (Garret). The aircraft with the new engines received the designation "Skyvan" ZM - a number of aircraft modifications of the 1 series was converted into this option. The sale of the aircraft to the military began already at the beginning of its production. One of the first buyers was the Oman Air Force, which ordered 16 aircraft modification of the ZM and became due to this in a certain sense, the owners of the largest fleet of these machines.

More 11 countries around the globe also purchased Skyvan aircraft. Most military aircraft were used as general-purpose vehicles, although six aircraft purchased by Singapore had radar in nose cones similar to thimbles, and were used as search and rescue aircraft and for coastal patrols. Production of Skyvan aircraft ended in 1987. The company "Short" built 150 copies of this aircraft, 60 of which were sent to military customers. The aircraft is still in military and civilian use today.

Basic data


Length: 12,21 m

Wingspan: 19,79 m

Height: 4,6 m

The weight:

Empty: 3355 kg

Maximum takeoff: 6577 kg

Aircraft performance characteristics:

Maximum speed: 327 km / h

Flight range: 1115 km

Power point: two turboprop engines TPE331-2-201A of the Garrett company

Power: 1430 l. from. (1070 kW)

Date of first flight:

January 17, 1963 (civil aircraft)

The surviving airworthy modifications: "Skayven» 3M-300