SIAI-Marchetti SF-260. Specifications. A photo.
SIAI-Marchetti SF-260. Specifications. A photo.

SIAI-Marchetti SF-260. Specifications. A photo.


SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 - easy three-multi-purpose Italian aircraft developed by aircraft manufacturer «SIAI-Marchetti» in 1964 year.


Photo SIAI-Marchetti SF-260


Design of multi-purpose aircraft began Italian aviarazrabotchikami in 1960 year, thus, the aircraft was supposed to be released exclusively as a training aircraft suitable among other things for sport flying, but, in fact, due to the high flight-technical parameters of this model, this aircraft machine proved very popular, which is why the production of aircraft SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 continues to this day.

The main reason for the high level of popularity of the aircraft model SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 is its wide range of applicability, in particular, this aircraft can be used as a private air vehicle, as an aerotax device, as a sports aircraft, used for training purposes, in As a tourist vehicle, etc. In addition to civil aviation, this aircraft has also been very active in the military sphere, where it was used exclusively as a training aircraft, and also as a patrol vehicle.


SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 photo


Aircraft SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 has excellent aerodynamic shape, which ensures a high and maneuverability, and excellent management. Moreover, the good aerodynamics of the aircraft allows the aircraft to develop and sufficiently high speed of its flight, which does important for multipurpose aircraft, being applied in the sports purposes.

The first test aircraft flight SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 in July 1964 years and due to the fact that this aircraft has successfully coped with all the necessary tests, he was given a life of the certificate, and the project was sent to the serial production, where the aircraft continues to be to the present day, but not as the original version, but as a modification.


Aircraft SIAI-Marchetti SF-260


Aircraft SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 can carry out transportation on its board of three people (including a crew member), thus, the aircraft can not be employed for the transport of goods, which is perhaps the only negative aspect of the operation of the aircraft.

Power plant multipurpose aircraft represented a piston aircraft engine brand Lycoming O-540-E4C5, six working cylinders which allow to develop traction in 260 hp, which is enough to ensure that the aircraft could make flights at speeds of about 300 km \ h ., and without committing additional plantings to overcome the distance in kilometers 1715.

aircraft manufacturing SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 was carried out in the following models and options:

  • SIAI-Marchetti F-250 - A prototype of the aircraft;
  • SIAI-Marchetti F-260 - Prototype engine equipped with brand Lycoming O-540-E4A5 (260 hp);
  • SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 - The basic production version of the aircraft;
  • SIAI-Marchetti SF-260A - An improved version of analogue SIAI-Marchetti SF-260;
  • SIAI-Marchetti SF-260M - The military version of the aircraft;
  • SIAI-Marchetti SF-260AM - A modified version of version SIAI-Marchetti SF-260M, designed for the Italian Air Force;
  • SIAI-Marchetti SF-260ML - Export version of the aircraft, designed to Libya;
  • SIAI-Marchetti SF-260W Warrior - A modernized version of a military aircraft, equipped with weapons;
  • SIAI-Marchetti SF-260SW Sea Warrior - Modification designed for the Italian Coast Guard;
  • SIAI-Marchetti SF-260B - A civilian version of the aircraft, which is based on the embodiment SIAI-Marchetti SF-260M;
  • SIAI-Marchetti SF-260C - An improved version of the version SIAI-Marchetti SF-260B;
  • SIAI-Marchetti SF-260TP - Modification equipped turboprop powerplant;
  • SIAI-Marchetti SF-260D - Modification fitted a more powerful powerplant;
  • SIAI-Marchetti SF-260E - Analogue version SIAI-Marchetti SF-260D, developed for the US Air Force;
  • SIAI-Marchetti SF-260F - Version with fuel injection;
  • SIAI-Marchetti SF-260EA - Special military version is designed for the Italian Air Force.



Specifications SIAI-Marchetti SF-260.


  • Crew: 1 people;
  • Passenger: 2 person;
  • aircraft Length: 7,1 m (depending on version).
  • Wingspan: 8,35 m (depending on version).
  • Plane Height: 2,4 m .;
  • Weight of empty aircraft: 830 kg. (Depending on version);
  • Payload: 470 kg. (Depending on version);
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 1300 kg. (Depending on version);
  • Cruising speed: 280 km \ h. (Depending on version);
  • Maximum flight speed: 320 km \ h. (Depending on version);
  • Maximum flight distance: 1715 km. (Depending on version);
  • Maximum flight height: 4480 m (depending on version).
  • aircraft engine type: a piston (depending on version);
  • Powerplant: Lycoming O-540-E4C5 (depending on version);
  • Power: 260 HP (Depending on modification).


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