Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation


The world has recognized name and company that has been created by our compatriot Igor Sikorsky. Currently the company of this brilliant designer located in Hartford in the US, and it is designated as a United Technologies. This company was founded back in the year 1929, after which it, along with other aviation companies united in one corporation for the production of a variety of aircraft in the United States. But before moving to work in the US, Sikorsky was able to start his professional career in the USSR.

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

As for the Sikorsky firm, it is a huge holding with a world name, which includes a large number of smaller enterprises. All of them were absorbed by the giant UTC or are the further development of the original specialized shops. The most famous and developed of the holding companies is Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, which is the world leader in the production of helicopters for a variety of purposes. The whole holding has a very big profit, this positive economic position and active development were obtained due to the selection of qualified specialists from different branches of the aviation structure. In this company in our time more than 223 thousand people work.

Getting Started Sikorski and the historical development of its development

His first creation was designed by Sikorsky still 20-age. It was Zrazy two cars with a very simple design. The first machine was ready in 1909 year, it could lift off the ground in a weight of 9 pounds. This unit did not even have the swash screw rotor was made in a coaxial design scheme.

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

The very first car Sikorski was presented to the public during the two-day exhibition, which was held in Kiev and was dedicated to aeronautics innovation. All of this took place in November 1909 years. In 1911 it was made the second such device with almost the same flight characteristics and design features. None of the cars manufactured have not been able to take off with the pilot on board. These are initial failure led to the fact that Sikorsky turned his attention to the development of aircraft.

The next creation of the designer became a snowmobile, which were made in 1910 year. In the same year it created the first Sikorsky aircraft with the designation C-2. He was able to take off with the pilot on board. Only in 1911, the designer of the pilot was able to get a diploma, which allowed more familiar with the operation. After graduation he spent Sikorsky testing and test your own creations aircraft.

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

The most famous device that Sikorsky made yet on the territory of our country was the Grand plane, or, as it was also called, Ilya Muromets. It can rightly be called the prototype of all domestic aircraft. It was he who initiated the entire multimotor aircraft industry of our fatherland. This unit with the designation "C-6" in March 1912 year was able to set a world speed record. When setting the record, the machine was controlled by the designer himself and accelerated to 111 km / h. But, besides him, there was still 2 passenger on board, and with 5 passengers this unit could fly at a speed of 106 km / h.

Test aircraft type C-6 «Ilya Muromets"

The first long flight Sikorsky carried out on his airplane "Ilya of Murom" from St. Petersburg to Kiev, it was in the middle of summer 1912 year. Together with the designer this flight was made by five more people who were interested in this device. The take-off of the car took place in the early morning, and the white nights of Petersburg only contributed to this. After take-off, the designer and his creation met the first difficulties, namely a strong headwind, because of which the speed of the flight dropped to an index of 70 versts per hour. During the flight, Ilya Muromets was forced to make two landings for refueling with gasoline. The first stop was made in the village of Orsha, and the second near the station Kopys. During the second landing, I had to make minor repairs to the fuel system.

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

During the flight, as if nature was against the plans of the pilots, because in addition to the strong wind on the way met a powerful storm clouds. At the same time, we had to fly under heavy rain, but then it was decided to climb to an altitude of 1,3 kilometers to be above the clouds. This once again showed the excellent flight performance of the device. But at the same time the pilot could not see the land, he could only navigate the compass. After the pilot dropped, in order to see where they were, it turned out that they were already further from Kiev, and they had to return back. In this flight aircraft type C-6 1020 covered the distance in miles only 13 hours. This flight marked the quality of Sikorsky's car and introduced its name into the world history of aircraft construction.

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Later, Sikorsky worked on improving his C-6 bomber. The design of the fuselage, namely its streamlining, was improved, the pilot farm was redesigned. After modifications to the air show big gold medal was awarded in Moscow the designer, it happened in the year 1912. By 1915, the second prototype was ready, but it was already a fighter with a C-16 designation. It was created to carry out joint combat missions with the Ilya Muromets airplane. He was able to carry out air combat with air equipment of the enemy qualitatively. The new device became the first fighter in the world, which began to be manufactured serially. Further development of fighter planes in Russia was not so successful and only prototypes were created.

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

After the winter, the designer of 1918 left home, he moved to France where he was also involved in aircraft construction. The French government ordered his bombers 5 new type, but ultimately this order has been canceled because of the armistice in Europe in the autumn of 1918 years. At the Sikorsky design activities in France it was completed.

In the spring of the year 1919 Designer lived in the United States, where he continued to work on their projects. In 1923 was opened aviation company Sikorsky, which was designated as the Sikorsky Aero Corporation. At first the enterprise was on the verge of bankruptcy. But when you have found the financing business in the company went much better, allowing to develop and produce up to 1939 years 15 different aircraft. 1939 It was a turning point for this company, since it has been decided to discontinue the development of aircraft and actively take up the creation of helicopters.

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

New devices, as opposed to those that have been created in Russia, have been equipped with automatic skew. Due to this, they had a much better flight performance and were more customers demand. The first helicopter of the company had the designation Sikorsky 300, he first took to the air in the autumn of 1939 years. This machine had a lot to do with the helicopter, which was established in Russia, but it has been significantly upgraded and improved.

From that moment the era of Sikorsky helicopters began. Further models of Sikorsky helicopters received many awards and set not one world record. So, the S-61 in 1967 was the first helicopter to fly over the Atlantic Ocean, and in another 3 year the S-65 model was able to overcome the Pacific Ocean. These flights were realized with the help of refueling. The Sikorsky company manufactured many helicopters for both military purposes and civilian needs. The latest creation of designer Sikorsky helicopter began to model S-58, after he retired. But this did not end the production of helicopters Sikorsky Corporation.

Products of the company has received numerous state awards, and the Sikorsky received the Medal of ASME, which was provided by the company engineers and mechanics USA.


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