Sikorsky / Westland Whirlwind. Photo. Characteristics.
Sikorsky / Westland Whirlwind. Photo. Characteristics.

Sikorsky / Westland Whirlwind. Photo. Characteristics.

United States, Japan and the UK

A typeMultipurpose helicopter

Capacity: A crew of two and eight to twelve passengers

A very small number of cars achieved such success as the S-55 helicopter of the Sikorsky company, which was built in a quantity unprecedented for helicopters: more than 1700 copies * in the USA, Great Britain and Japan. Designed with the placement of the cargo compartment directly under the rotor hub to avoid alignment problems with different loading options, the S-55 helicopter had an engine mounted in the nose under a double hood. Its power was transmitted to the screw through the gearbox using an inclined universal joint shaft.

The crew cabin was located above the cargo compartment, with the pilots sitting on the sides of the propeller shaft. The helicopter was used by three main types of troops and the US Coast Guard. The first serial copies (modification H04S-1) were transferred to the US Navy in late December 1950. Subsequent minor changes in the tail boom and the stabilizer led to the modification of the H-19B for the US Air Force, which also used the more powerful Cyclone engine from Wright instead of the Wasp engine. The modification for the army under the designation H-19D "Chickasaw" (Chickasaw), and for the Marine Infantry H04S-3 and HRS-3 were exactly the modification of the helicopter that formed the basis for serial production.


The company "Westland Helikopters» (Westland helicopters) built his first helicopter license "Whirlwind» (Whirlwind - vortex) in 1952 year for ten years to put in the Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Force (FAA) .Some more 400 helicopter modifications. Perhaps the best of them were fitted with turboshaft engine variants HAR 9 (for FAA) and 10 (for the Royal Air Force), which remained in operation until 1970-ies.

* For reference: 3307 Mi-4 helicopters were built in the USSR. - Approx. ed.

Basic data

Aircraft performance characteristics:

· Maximum speed: 180 km / h

· Flight range: 578 km

Power point: R1340-40 / -57 “WOSP” by Pratt-Whitney, R-1300-3 “Cyclone” by “Wright”, “Leonides Major” 755 by “Elvis” (in “Warluind” 2-th ser.) Or "Gnome" H 1000 company "Rolls-Royce" (on "Wirluind" HAR 10)


· Length: 12,88 m

· Diameter of the bearing screw: 16,16 m

· Height: 4,07 m

The weight:

· Empty: 2381 kg

· Maximum take-off: 3538 kg

Power: 600 l. from. (447 kW), 800 l. from. (596 kW), 750 l. from. (559 kW) and 1050 l. from. Shaft (783 kW) respectively

Date of first flight:

· November 10 1949 of the year

The surviving airworthy modifications: H-19, H04S and "Whirlwind» HAR 2 and 10